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“Days, weeks, months, years and time changes but Principles should never change”- Basil Ada

 A Boss Player is a God-Fearing Leader, Thinker, Builder and Money Maker.
The meeting was in style, in a very classic and quality ball room with a conference table and a group of Masters at Finding Intelligent Attitudes with very exotic cars parked in a very green landscaped parking lot. They listened to Hip Hop, Gospel, RnB, Rap, Reggae but they still loved God always searching for him from within. In the background of the entire meeting, there was a series of songs being played both which included Bob Marley and Fela. They redefined the game to fit their life with good morals and principles on a journey to wealth that will cause no harm to humanity but rather bring joy and peace. They came with thoughts of not being just players but game changers. They avoided becoming slaves to society rather chose to be Kings with GOD.
Nature only gives life to what is in use as lack of consistency depreciates the quality of success. Practise makes perfect and obedience glorifies your attitude and loyalty distinguishes a man, the Boss players thought and held firm as part of their principles..........

This story talks about a selected group of fine individuals who decided to seek the kingdom of God and find his presence in them for there were so many evidence of the power and greatness of GOD recorded overtime in pages of the Holy Bible and other religious books. This group of friends and entrepreneurs were men who decided to operate and act on a code of conduct and using the evidence of the Power of God, searched for Success in life through only GOD by living by the word to gain the fruit of the spirit and achieved wealth by evolving as pace setters living Life with God as the head and ruler of their Kingdom.
For them they were gods amongst gods and had to act accordingly to get the blessings of God. It was only right to them that life was to be enjoyed by all.
Success to this group of fine individuals meant “achieving your goal without violating the rights of others” and on this they all agreed upon and with this anything that would bring harm to another person in the process of achieving their goal was to be avoided completely.
Reflecting about how the journey to success started in the streets of Northern Nigeria, Southern Nigeria, the Middle belt, South -South and Eastern Nigeria, these fine individuals brought together through different life circumstances with a unique story to tell talked about how the secret of living by the word is the Treasure of Life and they agreed it should be given out to the people in a better way for them to taste the life and see the goodness of God. As entrepreneurs they had a big role to play and using all the platforms that was available, they would spread their word.
They reveal their secret code of conduct..............with the words below:
The words from the good book proclaims in: Proverbs 10:22 “The blessings of the LORD, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it”
It was easy to read and yet complex to comprehend if one did not seek wisdom and knowledge to understand what this verse meant. Then another verse comes to mind which explained that: “Therefore take no thought, saying what shall we eat? Or, what shall we drink? Or wherewithal shall we be clothed?  For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6.31-33)
Thus what was left for us to do was to “Go into Life with God and all our burdens will be lightened and we will develop our thoughts through positive thinking and knowing,

If there is one thing a Man knows when he comes of age is the Power of the Word of God as over time we are continuously reminded of the strength and wisdom in the Word of God through the Bible and other religious books and happenings around us.
Another bible verse came in mind which said: “for the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”- Proverbs 9:10
Looking at all these verses, for an ambitious man, it meant something,:
He could begin to see that if history had recorded so much of the power, triumph and victories of the Word of God regardless of your belief, then you cannot enjoy outstanding success in life without Power and Power comes from knowledge as the saying obviously goes that “Knowledge is Power”. But Knowledge comes from Wisdom and Wisdom according to what he had seen came only from GOD.
In the existence of the human race, it is a known fact that everyone struggles for survival either to live or maintain wealth. It is almost impossible for a person to live without having the thought of riches and what wealth can do in their life as well many have searched for this and some have gotten it legitimately while others had to sell their soul and conscience to get it. With this also exists Good and Evil which played different roles in the quest for the treasures and pleasures of life. Everyone wanted that which spells out success in life. 
The Bossplayer concluded with With ambition filled in his heart, he pledged to pursue wealth without sorrow for he knew that was what true success and blessings was.
Success to him was “achieving his goal without violating the rights of other people”. True success with love, truth, dignity, class, style and quality is Top and the most authentic form of success which only comes from God.
Till this present day there has been no person on earth that has surpassed the wisdom of King Solomon, who is a Man God Blessed, they all acknowledged with facts to back the statement as over time history also recorded men who were truly blessed by God.

Ask Yourself: What will you do for wealth? This is a question that must come to mind for everyone on the journey to wealth and the good life.
 It is also well known to people that they exist two kinds of wealth in Life, one through Good and the other through other means...
It is a known fact that what is of God is progress, unmerited grace, wealth and all which is Good.
For from God you can add an “o” and get Good. For what is of God is seen as being Positive.
But with the Devil comes subtraction and decrease, for if you remove the “d” you get Evil.
Human beings over so many years and decades have all being known to acknowledge the existence of Good and Evil, but yet many neglect the importance of the mathematics of life where Addition and Subtraction carry synonyms to Increase and Decrease.
He thought for a man to live with increase rather than decrease for one to conquer he must go through all stages and conditions to be able to determine for himself as to what was truly desired.
For a man who seeks progress in life I  Pledge to Good with Increase from God for I know that there shall be times of challenges and with the Grace of God and being Under the Protection of the Most High, I shall continue to use challenges as motivation to build strength.
Evil may exist because we live in a world of Good and Evil but when the sunrises the Light shall always overcome the darkness.
Proverbs 10.v22 highlights a critical point in the life of a growing generation who seek for wisdom or just lust. You have to search within you and discover your unique self.
Obedience and patience are key characteristics a person must possess in pursuit of happiness and success in life.
 If a person accepts that life comes with challenges and patience with obedience comes with strength to overcome challenges then you have got the secret to living a life of wealth.
 “Different culture but One People.All we have is us, love and loyalty above all” – Bossplayer
“when you Love and stay Loyal, you seek to Appreciate rather than hate and destroy regardless of your culture”- Bossplayer

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How to Build A Confident Style: A GQ Preview

STYLE is expressing yourself with confidence and glamour while maintaining a level of calmness and composure. Everyone has their own unique STYLE but there is one STYLE most people associate with which is STYLE with SUCCESS. A confident STYLE is build through a confident Mindset that is focused on creating value and taking bold steps towards expressing originality, hard work, persistence, dedication and faith. Reassure yourself today by knowing that you can evolve your own style no matter what stage it might be right now to the highest standard because in truth:

It's the Actions you take towards Achieving Your Goals that determines the Rate of Your Achievement Because in Truth You cannot take more than You Bring To the Game..

Photo Credit: GQ
SUCCESS Begins with Work, Hustle, Grind and Actions that can move you Closer to Your Dreams.. Without the Hardwork You Can't Have the Reward..know this and keep this in your mind always as a reminder that only hardwork can make the dreamwork. Stop Worrying about it and Do Something About it.. No one is Better than You and No one Can Be You.. All You Need is already in You.. Never Say Never.. Work Until Expensive becomes Cheap and Hustle Like You Broke.. The way To the Top is Through Hardwork and Persistence... Never Give up.. 
Remember always that: when You Chase Excellence and Creating Value Success will pursue you and find you. Know that

Being Unique is what is going to make you Standout amongst the rest...Your Greatness Lies in being YOU because in Truth there are things which You are good at that no one else can beat you at...Discover what You are passionate about and don't compete or compare yourself to other but Rather focus on being a better..Unique and more attractive You...Love Yours and Create Your Success Story from Being You.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How to Achieve Positive Growth and Success

Your Mind is the Most Powerful tool on Earth and what you feed it determines what you see in your reality.You can only be as Good as Your Mind is because a Mind and Heart that focuses on the Positive will reap Positivity knowing that Positive Thoughts brings Positive Vibes and Positive Vibes results into a reality filled with Joy and Positive results...Don't Believe in Fear but Believe in Yourself and Know that You can be as Great as You let Your Mind Think

How to Achieve Positive Growth: 
In addition the Consistency of your Efforts and Focus towards your goals determines the quality of your success. Don't let distractions and challenges make you take your Focus and Eyes off Your Goals and Passion..The strength of Your Success Lies in the Power of Your will and Actions to Push towards Your Dreams..Develop Focus knowing that when you pray for a rainbow.. you have to be ready to deal with the storm..

Never underestimate the power within You because it is through your thoughts and mindset that your reality is created...To become great you must first think of yourself as being great..With the law of attraction and a positive mindset and attitude you will attract the people, circumstances and events that conform with your belief..It is in your hands to create your success story never forget that as You have all it 

To Motivate Yourself and Keep the Desire Burning until you achieve what you yearn for in Life follow and study the quotes in this article and remind yourself about them everyday until they become part of you because to succeed you must be ready to learn before earning.

To become who you truly are destined to be you must do the following and imbibe the quotes and strategies below to become part of your mindset and knowledge base so you can begin to work on creating a better version of yourself.
  • Make a living working on what gives you joy, that which you are passionate about and work all angles to accomplish that which you wish and desire for because actions is greater than debate and only through work will success come.
  • The turnover of money to generate more money always empowers you. Hence always keep you mind on growing your wealth.
  • Don't spend more than you earn and avoid being in debt.
  • Sit, think and Act (the key to success) which is to say; if its on your mind then work towards it.
  • Always have a positive Belief, a Goal and Purpose in life and living by it makes you Alive.
  • Imagine and use that imagination to paint a picture of what you desire and want.
  • Every innovation starts with an imagination, never be discouraged with the beginning of your efforts, work till you achieve and don't relax when you get to the TOP rather work more to maintain your standard.
  • The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra.
  • Work and work harder to achieve that which you pursue in life.
  • Never get tired of writing down your dreams and the things you wish for and want to achieve
  • Never procrastinate, make procrastination far from you and planning and actions be near you.
  • Your best friend in life should be GOD
  • The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
  • The Bible is the ultimate book of treasures and map to living a better and fulfilled life.
  • The key to success is belief and faith in Yourself. 
  •  If you believe you can do it, then you will achieve all you desire for.
  • Never let negativity cloud your thoughts, fill your thoughts with positive vibes and soon you will be embodied with success.
  •  Never underestimate your enemies’ greed and always be a step ahead of those who do not wish for your success
  • Nobody owes you anything in life, always strive to survive on your own.
  • Life teaches you through experience and you teach yourself through learning.
  • A man or woman with class is always respected more than a man or woman with swag, as they say class is for men and swag is for boys.
  • To excel always aim high so that if you fall you will land at a point which still gives you encouragement to succeed more and aim even higher.
  • With a Positive attitude and  hard work anybody can do it”
  • Success means: Strong Understanding Charismatic Conscious Exceptional Skillful Strategies
  •  Everyone is a soldier of life and to beat the hurdles and win the war you have to possess SUCCESS
  • Humility makes a person excel before their superiors but pride sinks a man quicker that anything in life.
  • A friend is a person that will not judge you and will carry your burden as if it was theirs.
  • Friendship is a bond that is greater than the government and Family is a bond that tells you where you are from.
  • Experience can be acquired through either encounters or stories.
  • Every story always ends with a moral lesson.
  • Every individual is born with a unique trait.
  • Discovery is the father of innovation and inventions.
  • To become innovative you have to be inquisitive.
  • People always judge a book by its cover but they forget that there is a wise saying that “Do not judge a book by its cover”
  • In life we always get to see the Covers before even  reading a page of a person’s life.
  • To become wise you must fear God and always wear the shield of humility.
  • Loyalty makes you excel beyond words.
  • A loyal person is worth more than Silver, Gold and Diamonds.
  • The key ingredients to a successful life and business are: Love, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Hard work.
  • To be hardworking involves but physical and mental work as well as strength.
  • In managing any event, a successful outcome is judged by both the technical response and the perceived competence of the management.
  • Whilst bombs, fires and floods capture the headlines almost 90% of business-threatening, incidents are ‘quiet catastrophes’ which go unreported in the media
  • In the end – it’s all about avoiding problems before they happen! (From Shaun Lockwood)
  • Greatness requires enormous time and dedication
  • Hard work, personal situation and many other factors influence a person’s ability to achieve success (Outliers).
  • People don’t rise from nothing, “We do owe something to parentage and patronage.”
  • Achievement is talent  plus preparation.” Preparation plays the biggest role
  • Life is more about opportunity than it is about talent.
  • The relationship between success and IQ works only up to a point.” You only have to be smart enough to succeed because success doesn’t discriminate as anyone can possess it.
  • Get the world to see things your way.
  •  Do you have Practical Intelligence? Knowing what to say, knowing whom to say it to, Knowing when to say it and knowing how to say it
  • No one who can rise before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich.”
  • Great yield requires detailed attention
  • Russian Proverb:  “If God does not bring it the earth will not give it.” 
  •   Chinese Proverbs: “If man works hard, the land will not be lazy.”
  • “No food without blood and sweat.”
  •  “Don’t depend on heaven for food, but on your own two hands carrying the load.” 

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The Power that brings Success

The Power behind your pursuit, visions, and dreams in life is what is going to fuel your hard work to make you successful.

Every Successful person on earth must give in to a power and force. Many who have become truly successful in life not just in acquiring assets and wealth but Fame tagged with a revolutionary effect have all acknowledged GOD and pursuing that which shows the good in life as the source of TRUE LIVING.

The main purpose in life is to influence and enlighten. People are driven because of influence but not many are driven because of the impact of their influence will have on the world. What kind of Influence do you want to have on yourself and the world????
The strength of your success is as great as the strength of your source. The greater your source the greater your success. if you know this then you are a step closer to unleashing the power within you

If your source is from the GREATEST GOD then imagine what your impact on the world will be.
Never in my Generation did I see a man’s impact on earth as the one illustrated by the Life of “Billy Graham” (check him out if you don’t know him, still check him out even as you know him and remind yourself of the kind of life he illustrated and lived and still living on through his Name and Character…the only two (2) things we get and leave back in LIFE).

Wealth lies in the Legacy you keep behind when you are gone because no one is getting out of earth alive.

But a better place is awaiting those who believe in the GOOD of LIFE.
Create and start building your legacy today because your reality is in your hands to create.
 keep these principles in mind always to succeed; Faith, Consistency, Persistence, Hard work, Faith in God, Faith in Your Ability, Faith in Your Strength and Faith in Your Passion as if you chase your passion and what gives your heart joy then success will pursue you always.

Remember Always that:
The Cheapest Commodity on earth is Dreams...But the Most Expensive Commodity on Earth that even 1trillion Dollars can't buy is the ZEAL to Follow Through with Your Dreams...What drives You??...Is it God...Passion...Legacy...Money..or some other thing in Life...QUESTION Your Motives and then know that the ultimate Source is GOD...Live everyday to spread love and create a lasting Legacy...We are all Born Equals...You can be as Great as You let Your Mind think...GOD gave us that..Follow Your Passion and the Wealth will come knocking on Your Door...

Thursday, 29 March 2018

How Knowledge Can Empower a Country (America Vs Nigeria)

Information is power as we all have come to realize and knowledge plays an important role in enabling an individual and a society as a whole develop a mindset that most of his/her actions and judgment (decisions) are informed based on the knowledge which includes facts and experiences. 

Always Remember that:
 "Not knowing your roots denies you of the privilege of knowing who you are,when you can't identify your potentials, you will have talent but no Success....Only through knowledge can you become aware of your value, potential and Success rate...To achieve success you must have information that builds into knowledge and the information you feed your mind and your society determines how your reality will look like" - trillionairethoughts

Looking at a country like America, where they have explored and used the power of information as well as information technology using the internet and the media as a power tool to spread information and brand the country in a way which portrays and makes them the world power.
Using the internet which have being made available to at least more than half  of their entire population, they have made sure people are kept up to date with news, events, incidents and developments as they occur around them. Making them more educated people about their society.
America for example using this power tools sells the American Dream in many diverse ways with one goal; keeping the society properly informed and equipping them with adequate information to allow them make and take proper informed decisions and actions as well as have the  knowledge about their country and the value she has.

Looking at their movie industry for example: Hollywood, they have used it to brand their country and advertise and show people the American Dream and how Americans behave and what they engage in through fiction and non-fiction. They have made efforts in developing movies in categories which covers both their political, economic as well as social, cultural, technological and scientific areas. With Politics, it is evident that they have invested a lot in educating their society and the world at large with movies on great people and legends like George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Malcom X, John. F. Kennedy and a lot more others, as well as many others on civil rights movies which illustrates the struggle for a better country, economy and united American society.

This in the long run has kept not only the American community but the world at large informed with information on how the country was built and how they country intends to keep building up. Also series which have be made illustrates vividly the American stands on their fight towards terrorism, although some are just movies but they portray the intelligence and ability of the Americans to handle situations in such areas and this has given individuals an image of what Americans stands for in so many way.

In essence the country is branding herself and advertising herself because you can only know about a product well enough when it is advertised describing what it stands for, where it originates from and its intended use . This has led to widespread information on how the country was built, how it is still being built and how they intend to keep building it.
With an economy so strong and an image which has earned them the status of “World power”. To me, this was also achieved majorly by incorporating spreading the word (information) and ensuring people are well informed and knowledgeable about who they are, what they stand for and who they intend to be in the future which has created a society governed by certain standards, ethics, values and principles.

Coming back to my motherland Nigeria, with the tittle as the Giant of Africa and with an economy that once upon a time was in competition with the American Dollar has all the potential to become one amongst the world Power. Imagine the country has provided the richest man in Africa as well as the world richest black man. From its natural resources, to population and land mass which are richly blessed. The question becomes; what is wrong? Many may say corruption and I will say it is just one amongst many things that are wrong.

The question becomes; what does the brand Nigeria stand for. Aside from the Natural resources and how the government is being handled. How about the information that we export out and how informed is our society about the country we live in as well as what standards is the society being governed by. Not to forget a friend once defined the government to me as; a body made up of both the Governor and the Governed, this means that not just the leaders have a role to play in making the country a better place but also the masses also.
No disrespect to the Nigeria Movie industry, is still growing at a high and positive rate, but what exactly are they doing in branding the name Nigeria. Because I see them as one of the top most ambassadors for the brand Nigeria. From what  I have come across in some movies that have gone viral, most are filled up with activities of black magic, how a family is in confusion because of a fight over money, land, inheritance and jealousy amongst themselves, too much comedy. Just few illustrate and convey powerful messages that change society…Where is the innovation and creative information delivery? Although we have some, there are not adequate enough to push the overall mentality towards seeking positive information and knowledge.

How then do the upcoming youths and generation get informed of the development and foundation of the country in which they are born in and live?
This is a modern era and I believe as we live in an era where information is key and experience can be gained from either physical exposure to the events or from what you see around you. `

I ask another question; how many movies have the industry done from different angles about the founding fathers of our blessed nations or any on civil rights or the fight for independence with an aim of keeping the society and the upcoming generation informed of how our beloved country was built as well as the potential it has and the role we as citizens also have. A handful I believe. This is basic foundation information that people have to be acquainted to.  It has become a thing of concern to me as the upcoming generation have a very different and not too positive view of the brand Nigeria and how they are supposed to run the affairs of the country if given the opportunity one day.

Thus a society which is not adequately informed of what really matters such as the foundation that brought about the house we live in (that is Nigeria), what the house stands for and what is the ambition of the house. In a country where the information that dominates and spreads out includes just to mention a few;
-          A mockery of a Highly placed official who made a blunder on national television which then spread over across the country in less than 24 hours to the extent where people made clips, songs, t-shirts just to make jest and have a laugh of another individual
-          A mockery of another highly placed individual for the person’s language and accent as well as words.
That is the kind of information that gets massive attention amongst the society. Then how does the upcoming generation and the society build good morals, ethics and attitude where they see insults and making fun of other individuals as a casual thing.
Furthermore I think more is to be done in branding the country as well as the name Nigeria. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. said I have a dream, and it came TRUE but this time is, we all should have the dream that one day our beloved country will be a highly informed society with more positive information being spread across and our status as the GIANT of AFRICA will be solidified.

Long Live the People of Nigeria and God Bless Nigeria.
Long Live the People of America and God Bless America

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Build Success and Achieve Greatness

-       Maintaining a balance in life and living a life of success and stability entails you develop a positive and fearless mindset, also that you have a stable business and cash flow source that always yields returns and generate revenue. One of the major factor to achieving success is to consistently maintain a positive mindset which helps you evolve into a better thinker and more creative individual. Don't worry about the End When You begin Your Journey to Success..Only Focus on working and Keep Going Till You Succeed using Challenges which will come as MOTIVATION to build STRENGTH because in Truth..Only You can Stop You...You become limitless when you believe In yourself ...Growth to success is only attained through persistence and consistency of Efforts, Principles, Values, Confidence...Let Your Mind Work For You by Feeding it with only Positive Thoughts and Vibes...Don't put yourself down but be your own Inspiration and build confidence and don't stop Working...Just Learn only to rest and pick up again on the race to the Top...You are as Great as You Let Your Mind Think....The World is Yours To Conquer..Go be the Best in Your Own Style..

Advantages of Positive Thinking
i.                    Boost confidence and morale
ii.                  Have a balanced and healthy lifestyle
iii.                Stay motivated  to achieve more
iv.                High self-esteem
v.                  Live Happy, positive and comfortable
vi.                Help others to succeed
There are two (2) types of executable projects in one’s life which include:
-          Major Projects: For stability, comfort, respect, wealth, influence, continuity and efficiency
-          Minor Projects: For nourishment
-          Have a business and entrepreneurial mindset
-          Expand the business reach and products
-          Develop and attain your financial goals.

-          Maintain a healthy lifestyle, investing in your basic social amenities: food, shelter and clothing, they all help in increasing your focus towards your life goals and career objectives, never forget that.
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Business is the ultimate profession in life and the right and profitable one will ensure that you will be employed for a very long time if you keep your capital and profit rate at a balance both in business and your life also. A human resource to me is the greatest asset that a business can possess (an irony right?), thus for a person to be alive it means more revenue and more profits due to different possibilities because the asset doesn’t depreciate but appreciates by 365days annually.
A great man once said: friendship is stronger than the government and it is almost equal to family. This means that the Friend-Ship that a person decides to sail in is an element that if explored and used well, it will take you to places that even the government, I mean the GOVERNMENT cannot take you.

Considering the importance of ships in achieving success lets see the essence of partnership and business, here is an extract scene from the movie American Gangster starring Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas.
An Extract from the movie: American Gangster (Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas and Idris Alba as Tango)
Frank Lucas ( The American Gangster :): Sitting in a coffee shop where he drinks coffee everyday on a chair with a stylish round table to match surrounded by all his five (5) younger brothers and while sitting he says:
“The most important thing in business is Honesty, Integrity, Hard work, Love, Loyalty and Respect”
He looks outside the window and sees Tango walking down the street.
He turns the cup filled with sugar on the round table, carrying an empty cup, he walks outside the bar with his bodyguard quickly following behind…..He turns right and begins to walk down the street after sighting a rather Pimp natured Tango with a girl on his arm….as he walks towards Tango, Frank confronts him requesting about a certain percentage (%) to be paid.
With his younger brothers watching through the window glass of the shop………
Still in a heated disagreement with no yield yet, Frank pulls a Gun and holds it right on the forehead of Tango and Frank tells him that if he doesn’t pay up he will shoot.
A rather reluctant Tango through his body language calling Frank’s bluff kept laughing and next thing everyone hears is a gunshot straight through the forehead.
Frank then squats down, removes a dollar note from Tango’s suit pocket and drops it inside the cup, Frank then gets up and heads back to the bar with his brother stunned and shocked from seeing what just happened through the large  window of the coffee bar
A point of View: the other guy did not show a certain respect to a venture he was profiting too and in agreement with. (Lack of Respect I can see, could it be the reason for killing a gangster in broad day light with witnesses around, that a question you should ponder upon. This illustrates how important principles binding to business are from even a Gangsters perspective.)
The profitability and success of a partnership relies upon the collective efforts of the people or partners involved, their willingness to abide by the principles guiding the partnership. So, it is important for one to choose a business partner wisely and consider the following:

Common Partnership and Business Vision: You have to possess the ability for thinking strategically and ensure that the partnership has a vision that is a match for the people involved. Because if your visions don’t match, things are bound to fall apart. The partnership may not always agree on everything but if the same vision is still shared amongst then you would have less contrast views in making business decisions because in the end all views and decisions are drawn to meet the same vision, thus it is just a matter of routes to follow to reach the same destination.

Credibility: keeping to your words and character, gives you credibility. A business partner who keeps to his/her words and delivers at the required and right time is credible. Your business partner has to be someone you can rely on to be credible in all dealings.

Rapport: Disagreements are bound to result to a rise in tensions in the course of your business, but having a good relationship with your business partner, will create an avenue for dialogue always to achieve a common aim and benefit.

Mutual Trust: Trust entails having credibility in your dealings and work.   A business partner should be someone you can share this same credible character with to achieve a goal. Trust is a key because a lot is at stake in running a business. You should be able to trust a partnership judgment on issues.

Winning Attitude and Mentality: If you want your business to succeed, then you need a partner who is craving for success also and a partnership that is ambitious, purpose-driven, pro-active and willing to put in work for success.

Competence/Confidence: A good partner should be able to confidently and independently carry out business tasks, most especially when you are not around.

Discipline: Hard work without discipline lacks substance; it cannot stand the test of time. A good business partner exercises some level of discipline.

Experience: Experience is an asset that cannot be bought, but acquired. A good business partner should be one who has working knowledge in your area of specialization.

Complementary skills: A good partnership is one where both partners complement each other. No matter how good you are, you can never know it all, likewise your business partner.

Communication: Good communication is vital to the success of a business partnership. Good partners communicate about the little and big  things, which makes for a successful business.

Above all the key factors of Business are: Love, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Hard work and Integrity. With these factors, your business and partnership is bound to succeed and attain great heights.