Sunday, 26 July 2015


Education to me is seen to be:
E - Enlightened
D - Dedication (determination)
U - Understanding
C - Courage
A - Attitude (Action and Achievement)
T - Tolerance
I - Initiative (Interest and Innovation)
O - Orientation
N - Numbers
Thus education is a path that brings about being enlightened   to a person. A human being is born into this world as an infant who grows up to become an adult. This is to say that at every stage of growth and existence there is a learning phase. Do you agree with me? As an infant you learn, or to put it in another way, you are educated (enlightened) about what it takes to crawl and how to crawl and then at another stage how to walk before the infant becomes a fully grown adult that is capable of experiencing learning and adaptation on their own. Dedication in education entails having the right mental and physical attitude toward achieving a particular goal. For an infant the goal can be to crawl at one stage and walk at another. But if an infant sits down without making an attempt towards these goals. The goals become deficiencies in achievement of the person.
Education in the society we live in today assists in setting out standards and goals which people use to attain and achieve their goals in various fields on study and life also. Looking at the definition of education from the abbreviation meanings, I see it as a concept which must be understood and then applied in the proper manner to achieve and yield any positive result. Education is therefore not just going to school to study but also a concept that applies to all perspectives and areas of life.
The meaning of a word can be understand in different ways by people but there is always a standard definition and meaning attached to a word and its purpose is clearly stated.
Going through school is a standard that has been set to enable the society ascertain the ability of a person by means of Mass examination I call it. And education is applied broader than the class room. So u don’t have to dislike education but be attentive about learning about it since it applies to our existence in all areas. Even a successful person becomes a success be getting acquainted with being enlightened  and dedicated to understanding what it takes to achieve success in any specific area and achieve a goal. Thus you have to educate yourself to become successful too. In pursuance of a specific goal education helps you to become an enlightened, dedication, understanding, courageous ( ability to take risk), action oriented person about a particular goal. In the end you become educated about what you have achieved. Right?
Everyone gets educated about all things in life, be it positive or negative. This illustrated that education fits into our lives and plays an important role, which means that for a person to perform in a specific area of life, a level of education must have being attained about the specific area of interest. Going to school is different from education and being educated.
This shows that education fits into all aspects of our lives and plays an important role which means that for a person to perform in a particular area of life, a certain level of education about that area or aspect must have being attained or known. When you don’t educate yourself about a subject matter either in a positive or negative side, how can you know about it.,

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