Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The Consistency of your Efforts and Focus towards your goals determines the quality of your success..
Don't let distractions and challenges make you take your Focus and Eyes off Your Goals and Passion..The strength of Your Success Lies in the Power of Your will and Actions to Push towards Your Dreams..Develop Focus knowing that when you pray for a rainbow.. you have to be ready to deal with the storm..Stay Motivated Always knowing You Can with Your Mindset and Attitude...#motivationalquotes #attitude #instagram #trillionairethoughts#author
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Monday, 30 January 2017

Stay Fearless and Achieve Your Dreams

Be Fearless:... Get Rid of the Worthless and Your Life will be Good... Get Rid of the Incompetencies and Your Life Will be Profitable... Life Begins when You Start Focusing on Growth and the Positive...Focus on What You Want and You will Attract What You Need... #trillionairethoughts#positivevibes #classic #designer#author

Direction is more important than speed...

Trillionaire Thoughts

Direction is more important than speed. Though we can't change the Hand of Time We can adjust Ourselves as well as Though we cannot change the direction of the wind…we may adjust ourselves.
Time is the Master creator of all things and for us to succeed we must realize that Direction is more important than Speed...
Direction is more important than speed.. Whatever Passion you are pursuing in Life.. don't ever give up if it doesn't turn out completly the way you want after putting in work.. Keep Moving with Time Growing more Resilient , Persistent and Consistent in pursuit of your dreams..and let Time do its Magic... For with Time comes growth and if You cease to develop after Challenges... then you cease to grow...
Stay Loyal long enough to see the results of your consistency and persistence pay off…don’t be discouraged but stay motivated knowing that if you focus on winning with time you will achieve it.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017


Live as You truly desire to Live deep down your Heart and absorb knowledge and gain wisdom from GOD and continuously develop and empower yourself with knowledge. For you know knowledge is Power…
Life is a story book and some pages may be sad, some happy, but you will never know what another page holds if you don’t check it out by turning to the next page. Don’t be afraid to Experience Life, relish the challenge and build your reality based on the true feelings in your heart. Never let the World Intimidate You. You are Born Great. Remember Every story has an end and you have the ability to make yours a memorable one. Remember You only Live Once….. So stop living Your life like you will get another chance at Life after this one is over. Take charge and control of your Dreams, Ambitions, Passions and work towards achieving them with GOD for you have the ability to control. The guidance of GOD has never led anyone astray Remember that …
“Your Mind has to arrive at the destination before your life does”.

Positive vibration is Life…Truth is Purity and Purity is Divine and what is Divine is Unique and what is Unique is Valuable. I live for the Positive. – Basil

Defeat is not defeat until accepted as a reality in your mind

Saturday Positive Vibes
Defeat is not defeat until accepted as a reality in your mind
A wise man once said that “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. (Bruce lee). You have the choice to choose whatever you want to become in life and what your attitude and actions will reflect every day. Choose the positive, master your principles, attitude and actions towards your passion and dreams. Only when  you continuously improve yourself on something, will you  become a master at that thing.
Being optimistic is a faith that leads to success. The positive always reflect what is good and constructive and what is good usually lasts longer.
When you become fearless in life knowing you can eliminate the fear within yourself when you continuously focus on the positive side of everything knowing that your thoughts can create your reality. Challenges are your opponent in life and you must go through them and come out on top for you to get to the top. As the great Sun Tzu said “when you know yourself and your opponent, you will win every time. When you know yourself but not your opponent you will win one and lose one. However when you do not know yourself or your opponent, you will be imperiled every time.
Remember when you pray for rain, you have to be ready to deal with the mud also. This principle is the same with success, when you pray for it, be ready to deal with the challenges along the way. Develop the mentality that challenges are motivation to build strength and you are already half way to developing a success story for yourself.
Every human being is born with greatness within them and all are capable of success if they will work towards their goals consistently with determination, persistence, patience, faith, positive attitude and actions.
Remember what you habitually think largely determines what you ultimately become.
Learn to understand rather than immediately judge or be judged. Don’t blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach and never allow yourself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation.
Discover yourself and your principles holding them firm because with self knowledge you will come to understand that life is best to be lived not to be conceptualized. The more you value things , the less you value yourself. Tie your wealth to your thoughts knowing that your beliefs and thoughts create your reality.

Above all fear and believe in GOD with all your Heart.

Principles never change, but who you become changes....

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-          Principles never change, but who you become changes. The Ten (10) commandments have never changed ever since I knew about it but days, weeks, months and years have all changed. This applies to Life also, when you develop the right principles for yourself, they should not change even if circumstances do because the consistency of your principles and attitude determines the power of your will and strength. Many people often fall short because they compromise their principles and attitude when circumstances change and always this leads to loss of strength no matter how small it is….it counts more than you think.
Human beings are driven by their environment most times. It is hard to see an environment that doesn’t influence the people in it. Thus with the great amount of information and environmental influence with the digital world today, people can be influenced easily through different mediums.
From television, magazines, social media sites, music, and the internet with so much going on around the world, if one is not focused enough to define themselves knowing their principles and what they stand for then they will fall for anything.
You might see that big superstar on television living the life you have always dreamt of and you might be convinced that doing what he/she does and living their lifestyle with all the risks might be worth a try to get the life you want leaving your own personality and chasing the shadows of another person.  It is true that every human being has the high ability to imitate what they see and it should also be known that imitations often make you lose touch with your own originality when it is misused.
In the modern internet age of today, people often misunderstand the concept of true success and easily adapt to what they see other people portraying as success. I believe and know for a fact that every individual has the ability to portray their own success the way they want it. But remember success has its highest form also. Thus many people might have money, fame and riches but yet be miserable in terms of their principles, actions and attitude which accounts for most part of true success.
You have the ability to define what is good and bad in life always remember that and what is good cannot be bad and what is bad cannot be good..Always chose wisely.
 Many people underestimate the power of morality in achieving success. Money never discriminates and often times with this people misunderstand having lots of money as being successful.  What is success to you?
For me success is having peace of mind and oneness with GOD, because with this I can acquire as much wealth as I want and still not lose my being which is my originality, uniqueness, power and strength which I always give reverence to GOD as my source because “the blessings of the LORD maketh rich and adds no sorrow”.
Never let any one’s success be intimidating to you rather see it as motivation that if another person can do it then I can also achieve my own success with my own way because everyone is born unique, remember they are no two people with the same finger prints in the whole world. That’s deep enough to let you know that everyone has the ability to develop in the way they desire because being unique is what makes you different, thus never envy, hate or show prejudice to any one rather see others as motivation to build your own character, life, actions, attitude and principles and succeed in your own way. Be the change you want to see in the world.
The hate and prejudice in the world has made many people look at others as competition rather than as motivation. Every human being is born with greatness in them and if all proceed naturally, no two people will ever be the same but all can have what they wish and desire.

Ponder on this for a while and let your mind decide what you stand for because “if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything”

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Your Thoughts are Key to Building Your Life as a Roof is Key to a House

Your Thoughts are Key to Building Your Life as a Roof is Key to a House... We Become What We Think and Our Limits in Achievement is Not Fixed in Time and Space But Solely by Your Own Belief and Confidence in What You Think is Possible For You.. Remember All that man has created Started in a Thought Form.. Finally the More You Think about Your Goals, the More it will come to Dominate and Direct Your Actions towards Success... Believe in Yourself and Take Bold Steps with Pure Composure Towards Your Dreams and Turn Your Vision Into Reality... #trillionairethoughts #positivevibes#successkeys

Lack of Consistency Depreciates the Quality of Success

Develop Purpose, Personal Power through Clarity, Conviction, Commitment and Consistency towards Your Goals to Succeed.. For True Mastery comes through this.. When a Child is born, they learn how to crawl and then walk and even when they fall.. they still get back up and try till the master the art of walking. Imagine all the things You learnt as a Child.. You can Become whatever You Want.. Be fearless with absolute Composure and Confidence towards your goals and push the boundaries.. You are as Great as your Mind lets You Think and If your dreams don't scare you...then they are not Big Enough.!! 

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Truth Be Told: You are In Charge of Your Life.. Be the Controller and Stay on course to Sucess and Positivity with Positive Thoughts and Momentum.. Always Put in .. Your Actions towards Your Goals Determines Your Outcome in life.. Stay Positive Always...Remember to Always Use challeneges as Motivation to Build Strength..#positivevibes #success 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Succeed with Your Mind Power and Chemistry

Succeed with Your Mind Power and Chemistry
For you to succeed you need a disciplined and developed mindset showing initiative and readiness to experiment and face challenges. Develop strength , power through acquiring knowledge and  the mindset that you can dominate anything you desire. Success is Yours to take!...Follow your passions and put in the work required to survive and succeed. Remember you will resemble tomorrow the dominating thoughts that you keep alive in your mind today. Fill your thoughts and mind with positivity believing You can and train your mind to see the good in everything. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts and the mind chemistry between you and the voice you have within you. Rule your world and understand that your life in your hands to build with GOD by your side. You have all it takes to succeed..

Kind Regards

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Success and Victory Loves Preparation:

Why You Need to Prepare for Success to come..

Preparation is the only thing that welcomes opportunity because when opportunity meets preparation, breakthrough is bound to occur. Preparation is the key to unlocking opportunities….Always remember that.

The first step to overcoming lack of ambition and self confidence is to begin to prepare yourself for the task ahead. How are you planning to live in the next five years, what kinds of business will you want to invest in, what kind of family will you want to build, what grade do you want out of school….just to mention a few…with all these comes preparation to handle the task.
Every Master was once a beginner and had to prepare and work their way to the top. You have all it takes to achieve the best you desire in life, utilize your mind and the power of your thoughts to attract what you need and keep working hard towards all your goals and never give up. Stay faithful long enough to see the result of your actions and work. Remember also that if you are bankrupt of preparation you will as well be bankrupt of opportunities.

when you see all successful people, you always see a person who is rich in preparation. They always prepare ahead of time. Whatever you desire to achieve you must be prepared to handle the success and opportunity when it comes because with preparation you can identify and exploit the right circumstances and opportunities.

A person that is prepared is well processed and ready to face any challenge or action required to meet their goal. Anyone who values winning knows the essence of preparation and training is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity, success and wealth.

Remember a well planned life attracts the elements of the plan making them come to reality because with planning we set goals and setting goals means taking actions to accomplish success.
Those who always win are the ones who think they can. They have developed a prepared mindset and attitude which has helped them work towards their goals with focus, persistence and consistency knowing the task ahead and believing that their dreams are achievable. It is only through preparation that confidence grows and hope for winning can be seen.

No matter what the challenges you are facing, remember that victory loves preparation and to gain victory you must fight to win and to win you will have to overcome obstacles and challenges. Use challenges as motivation to build strength and never give up....You are Stronger than you know... The view from the Top is always worth it...

 Everything that has a beginning has an end. Never give up for success and victory loves preparation.

Turn your visions into reality.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Finding your talent and true self:
Always remember that they things you like and are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. Find out what is that talent, ability and thing you possess that if well harnessed and developed will make your life profitable.
Don’t focus on the society or its standards but define your life with standards and principles that you see that are ideal and valuable to you which must be true and sincere. Lasting Success is always built upon Honesty and Truth …. Never forget.
What you continuously focus on becomes your point of attraction. The sooner you realize this and re-wire your thoughts through positive thinking, the sooner you will begin to gain positive results. Always remember that lack of consistency depreciates the quality of success and for you to become a master at any craft, you must continuously improve yourself in that particular craft.

In life you are an Artist with a Paint brush which is your Mind and for you to gain true happiness out of Life, you must paint it the way you deeply feel you want it to be…there is a voice in you that keeps propelling towards that which is true and ideal….follow your heart and achieve your dreams... Always focus on your passions and what triggers a sensation and feeling of enthusiasm in you. This will give you the much needed energy you need in chasing your goals and dreams. Many people fail to realize their true potential in life because they focus on the wrong area. 

Strength is the Foundation for Success

 Strength is the Foundation for Success
A person of strength is a conqueror because with strength they have built patience, consistency, dedication, perseverance and hard work because they never give up till they achieve their goals regardless of the challenges and adversity.
A person that wants to grow in WEALTH should also grow in STRENGTH….  Meaning:
S- Strategic
N-Needed to 
T-Tenacity from
 H- Hustle
Strength can only be gotten through self-discipline and the application of consistency towards a goal or area of focus .
Self discipline is the key to strength and strength is what you need in order not to Give Up or faint in times of challenges, hardships and adversity along the way to  Success because if you give up or faint then your strength is small and wasn’t built on quality self discpline.
Strength means the ability to endure challenges and hardship and never to give up on a fight so cheap. Strength is patient, it doesn’t give up and keeps moving no matter how hard the challenges and adversities appear to be. It takes a person of strength to have a winning mentality. Never build your strength on anything except through self discipline and belief that you are capable to achieve anything you set your eyes on and a person of strength is truly a conqueror with  content and value.

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win



Never give up…Winners never quit and Quitters never win as you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. It is better to try than not to try at all. Life is all about Living In Full Experience, never limit yourself because you can go as far as your mind lets you. See you at the Top..

To become an expert and master any craft, you must be consistent at that particular craft overtime by learning the trade and everything that has to do with the craft which then transforms the beginner skills into pure mastery over time.  Likewise in building a successful life through positive thinking and the power of the mind, one must be consistent at thinking positive to yield quality mastery of their thoughts and mind. You must be willing to work hard and stay persistent and consistent towards your purpose, goal, ambition or vision to achieve it overtime because Life works with Time, just like a car works with an engine, and the human being works with the mind. It is a Fact and Reality you must admit to yourself that exists for you to become true and good in your thoughts.
 You cannot achieve anything if you are not faithful and loyal to it long enough to see it become a reality. There is no halfway, its either you are all in or out.  Begin today to Focus on the Positive and what You desire working towards achieving them step-by-step and never give up when challenges arise, Remember when you pray for rain, you have to be ready to deal with the Mud too and nothing good comes easy as success comes with challenges and obstacles that you must overcome by using them as motivation to build strength, confront the storms of life like how an eagle confronts the storm and soars higher.

Kind Regards

Basil Ada

Monday, 16 January 2017

Becoming A Better and Positive Thinker

For anyone to become an expert and master any craft, they must be consistent at learning and knowing about that particular craft, learning the trade and everything that has to do with the craft. Likewise in building positive thoughts, one must become consistent at thinking positive to yield mastery of the use of positive thoughts. For you to succeed you MUST be willing to work hard and stay persistent with self-discipline by having pure composure towards chasing your goals to success.
To become a better think you MUST think about that which is good,



VISION: Increasing Your Productivity Level and Making You a Better Thinker -
Follow TrillionaireThoughts on a Epic journey of wealth creation. Don’t be left behind…..the journey starts now.
Trillionaire Thoughts engages in Impacting Knowledge and Inspiring the World through Writings, Thoughts and Positive Actions. This is because the HUMAN MIND is the Most Powerful Machinery on Earth and if the Power is well harnessed and utilized every individual will become a wonder. As there is no shortage of money to be made but only shortage of people not thinking Big Enough.
The essence of TrillionaireThoughts is based on the use of thoughts and written words with actions to propel  an individual into higher levels of productivity and effeciency in any field of their life and desires. The essence also covers the production of better thinkers and doer’s who will be game changers and not just slaves to society through the consistent positive stimulation of the human mind and thoughts .
You can develop any ability and take actions needed towards any goal you wish to pursue in life always remember that…. For all it takes  is a little push and belief.
Remember the difference between Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary is just the “Extra”. That added effort makes all the difference.
Trillionairethoughts is here to guide you towards the development of a personality of Strength, Confidence, Charisma, Style and Quality as long as you are willing to evolve and attain success and live a life of propsperity, good health, wealth and class with a unique style because You are Unique.
Evolve into a better thinker who is action-oriented, proactive and consistent in pursuit of success and happiness with TrillionaireThoughts.. Everyone faces challenges in different ways everyday in life, Trillionaire Thoughts is here to assure you that challenges are part of the road to success and will be motivation to build strength if you apply the right mindset. You have all it takes to Succeed and conquer any goal you set your eyes towards.