Saturday, 28 January 2017


Live as You truly desire to Live deep down your Heart and absorb knowledge and gain wisdom from GOD and continuously develop and empower yourself with knowledge. For you know knowledge is Power…
Life is a story book and some pages may be sad, some happy, but you will never know what another page holds if you don’t check it out by turning to the next page. Don’t be afraid to Experience Life, relish the challenge and build your reality based on the true feelings in your heart. Never let the World Intimidate You. You are Born Great. Remember Every story has an end and you have the ability to make yours a memorable one. Remember You only Live Once….. So stop living Your life like you will get another chance at Life after this one is over. Take charge and control of your Dreams, Ambitions, Passions and work towards achieving them with GOD for you have the ability to control. The guidance of GOD has never led anyone astray Remember that …
“Your Mind has to arrive at the destination before your life does”.

Positive vibration is Life…Truth is Purity and Purity is Divine and what is Divine is Unique and what is Unique is Valuable. I live for the Positive. – Basil

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