Saturday, 28 January 2017

Principles never change, but who you become changes....

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-          Principles never change, but who you become changes. The Ten (10) commandments have never changed ever since I knew about it but days, weeks, months and years have all changed. This applies to Life also, when you develop the right principles for yourself, they should not change even if circumstances do because the consistency of your principles and attitude determines the power of your will and strength. Many people often fall short because they compromise their principles and attitude when circumstances change and always this leads to loss of strength no matter how small it is….it counts more than you think.
Human beings are driven by their environment most times. It is hard to see an environment that doesn’t influence the people in it. Thus with the great amount of information and environmental influence with the digital world today, people can be influenced easily through different mediums.
From television, magazines, social media sites, music, and the internet with so much going on around the world, if one is not focused enough to define themselves knowing their principles and what they stand for then they will fall for anything.
You might see that big superstar on television living the life you have always dreamt of and you might be convinced that doing what he/she does and living their lifestyle with all the risks might be worth a try to get the life you want leaving your own personality and chasing the shadows of another person.  It is true that every human being has the high ability to imitate what they see and it should also be known that imitations often make you lose touch with your own originality when it is misused.
In the modern internet age of today, people often misunderstand the concept of true success and easily adapt to what they see other people portraying as success. I believe and know for a fact that every individual has the ability to portray their own success the way they want it. But remember success has its highest form also. Thus many people might have money, fame and riches but yet be miserable in terms of their principles, actions and attitude which accounts for most part of true success.
You have the ability to define what is good and bad in life always remember that and what is good cannot be bad and what is bad cannot be good..Always chose wisely.
 Many people underestimate the power of morality in achieving success. Money never discriminates and often times with this people misunderstand having lots of money as being successful.  What is success to you?
For me success is having peace of mind and oneness with GOD, because with this I can acquire as much wealth as I want and still not lose my being which is my originality, uniqueness, power and strength which I always give reverence to GOD as my source because “the blessings of the LORD maketh rich and adds no sorrow”.
Never let any one’s success be intimidating to you rather see it as motivation that if another person can do it then I can also achieve my own success with my own way because everyone is born unique, remember they are no two people with the same finger prints in the whole world. That’s deep enough to let you know that everyone has the ability to develop in the way they desire because being unique is what makes you different, thus never envy, hate or show prejudice to any one rather see others as motivation to build your own character, life, actions, attitude and principles and succeed in your own way. Be the change you want to see in the world.
The hate and prejudice in the world has made many people look at others as competition rather than as motivation. Every human being is born with greatness in them and if all proceed naturally, no two people will ever be the same but all can have what they wish and desire.

Ponder on this for a while and let your mind decide what you stand for because “if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything”

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