Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Strength is the Foundation for Success

 Strength is the Foundation for Success
A person of strength is a conqueror because with strength they have built patience, consistency, dedication, perseverance and hard work because they never give up till they achieve their goals regardless of the challenges and adversity.
A person that wants to grow in WEALTH should also grow in STRENGTH….  Meaning:
S- Strategic
N-Needed to 
T-Tenacity from
 H- Hustle
Strength can only be gotten through self-discipline and the application of consistency towards a goal or area of focus .
Self discipline is the key to strength and strength is what you need in order not to Give Up or faint in times of challenges, hardships and adversity along the way to  Success because if you give up or faint then your strength is small and wasn’t built on quality self discpline.
Strength means the ability to endure challenges and hardship and never to give up on a fight so cheap. Strength is patient, it doesn’t give up and keeps moving no matter how hard the challenges and adversities appear to be. It takes a person of strength to have a winning mentality. Never build your strength on anything except through self discipline and belief that you are capable to achieve anything you set your eyes on and a person of strength is truly a conqueror with  content and value.

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