Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Believe in the Greatness Already in You

What is not started Today cannot be finished Tomorrow
Make the most of your time. Time waits for nobody, if you have to do something, do it now for what is not started today cannot be finished tomorrow…Start and begin to live the life you desire now because the time you have is NOW..
There is no shortcut to success, you have to take the stairs as the popular saying goes. This is so true but many still fail to take the steps to elevate themselves to greatness. Believe it or not it is a fact that cannot be argued, everyone is born with greatness in them and only when it is nutured and developed will it become pronounced. Many live without exploring and reaching their full potential in life because they lack the self confidence and zeal to go for the things they want probably for some because they were born broke or disabled. But with the huge information available today which proves that being broke or disabled is not a hindrance to achieving greatness, people now have a choice to make.
Pursue your goals with a vision that is clear and purposeful. Make your life story a remarkable one by believing in the greatness already in you.
Begin today to plan and work out what your purpose is and develop your passions to yield your full potentials and all you seek will be added to you.
Above all believe GOD with all your heart and seek wisdom from GOD and all other things will be added to you for the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Start today, Start Now….Don’t Stop till Your Succeed and When You Succeed empower others and build Wealth not just riches.

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