Monday, 27 February 2017

How to Think Outside the Box

Trillionaire Thoughts

The box as we all know it is the rules which have being laid out for us to play along with by the society with things such as going to school, graduating, getting a job and having a family. But no one has really told you that some societal standards were designed in a way to keep us from realizing our full potential. Like when you are in secondary or high school, nobody ever told you about something called mind chemistry. Which is the development of the right energy and vibe with your mind through positive thinking knowing that how you think largely determines how your reality in life will turn out to be, which could save many lives if people realize that they have all it takes to solve their problems and many things that they see as hindrances were actually created by some negativity in their own thinking.
Many navigate through life without realizing their full potential because they are caught up in the web of the standard of the society trying to get security in life by meeting up with the demands of the society rather than meeting the demands and requirements of true happiness through self development, reliance and confidence knowing that whatever they desire and work towards no matter how big the task or outcome, they can actually achieve it.
Imagine how many doctors, lawyers, athletes, entrepreneurs and people who  had to let  go of their passions  and pursue something which is of least interest to them because they are trying to fit into the societal standard and way of living.
The structure for educating us have failed us not totally but in a major way in the sense that they forgot or did not just deem it necessary to teach us about the powerful weapon a human being  possess which is the mind, even when they  taught us all about Anatomy and parts of the body.  No one talked about the Mind which actually thinks and plays a major role and function to our body structure….weird right??
Think outside the box and don’t let the standard of society make you deviate from your true calling. Stay true to your passions and follow what gives your heart joy and the money and wealth will follow you. Chase excellence and success will pursue you behind. Create value with your passions and your vocation will be profitable. Everyone deserves to live a life of joy and prosperity but this can only be achieved when we focus on the positive and follow through with actions and attitudes that reflect hard work, integrity, focus, determination, consistency and vision.

You are all it takes to Succeed!

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