Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Work and Level Up…Hustle and Turn Your Vision into Reality..

Trillionaire Thoughts

Hustle and work like you know the universe is working in your favour, because it is  actually working to make your deepest thoughts become reality.
You have to create the balance and will you desire in f   life by putting your fears behind you.
If you make up your mind to begin to adapt to the change you truly desire and want, then over time with patience you will begin to see the reflection of the life you want.
For you to succeed you must have absolute belief and faith in your ability to do what it requires to become successful.
Nobody ever became successful without challenges or trails.  Remember to always use challenges as motivation to build strength.  The strength and value of your efforts and success is measured by the strength of your resilience and ability to keep moving forward even when the road gets tough.
The confidence in yourself and in your ability to put in the work and attitude required to become who you really want to be determines who you will become.
Always Remember this:
A vessel of darkness cannot radiate light
A mind of doubt cannot have faith
A mind of fear cannot have courage
A mind of negativity cannot have positive results
A mind of insecurity cannot have confidence.
A mind of positivity can have Positive Results
A mind of confidence can have courage
A mind willing to take risks can achieve success
A mind of strength can conquer challenges
A mind of GOD can conquer All….
Your Mind is the Most Powerful tool on Earth….without a Mind…  A Human being ceases to exist.

Connect yourself with the universal mind that knows all and sense Truth, justice, peace, love, progress, wealth, value, quality and gain knowledge through the law of attraction putting your mind to constant use.  
The mind is powerful and when you begin to use it as a power tool, it will work wonders for you and allows  you to sense that which will be beneficial to you and your journey in life.
Everybody is born unique with greatness and  talent in them. But for you to evolve to your full potential, you must cultivate the habit of consistent development and change, this implies that you have to develop the raw talent in you and process your abilities to become something of excellence and value.
Only when you convert your talent into something of value will it then become something with worth.
Talent sleeps when Talent doesn’t work. Your work ethics, Principles and ability is what is going to convert your raw talent into value.
For everything that is profitable comes with a value and for everything that has value requires development and positive growth for it to maintain its quality, originality and essence.

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