Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No One is Better Than You Because You Have all it Takes to Win

Why is there so much competition around, people looking up to others not as motivation to succeed but as competition and sometimes a threat? It is a well known fact that every single person on this earth has their unique finger print. Even though the resemblance between people might be vivid, nobody is exactly the same as another person in Life. Everyone is born unique, even twins are not the same in terms of mind power, finger prints as well as other abilities.
With the unique nature of every person, it is quite sad that people still look at others with the eyes of envy, hate, lust, deceit and disrespect.

It is common today that the word “competition” has had a rather more negative impact on the shallow minds (people without an in depth knowledge of Mind Power and Self-worth). People in this category see competition as something they have to always meet up with each time a change occurs, making them to go to any length just to keep up or either to gain a level of self-worth or applause from other people. Sometimes people even go head to head against each other just to prove who is either   more beautiful , handsome,  educated, social and better in other areas of life.
Competition in business can be profitable and lucrative if carried out with a specific intent of dominating rather than competing. But competition amongst individuals is rather a destructive trend. Some people dress, work, talk and act just to impress others or to show their superior standard posing as people that are either trendy or people who have more in life.

A mind that looks at another person rather than feel challenged or motivated , engages in competing ceases to see the uniqueness of their own nature.

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The Success Recipe for Business

Business is a lucrative venture in life, thus the right and profitable one will ensure that you will be employed for a very long time if you keep your capital and profit rate at a balance both in business and life as well.
“The most important principles in business are Honesty, loyalty, Integrity, Hard work, family (not forgetting where you came from), Love, Loyalty and Respect. These principles if adhered to, ensures that every time you are rational towards your business operations and they allow you to make decisions based on the goals and benefits of the business venture and not for personal gain or profits.
For one to succeed in the business world, he/she must develop a keen sense of understanding of the principles which shows no prejudice and nepotism.

The Core Principles for Business and Partnership
Always note that the profitability and success of a partnership relies upon the collective efforts of the people or partners involved, their willingness to abide by the principles guiding the partnership.
 So, it is important for one to choose a business partner wisely and consider the following below when developing your business and partnership:
·         Common Partnership and Business Vision: You have to possess the ability for thinking strategically and ensure that the partnership has a vision that is a match for the people involved because if your visions don’t match, things will fall apart.
The partnership may not always agree on everything but if the same vision is still shared amongst then you would have less contrast views in making business decisions because in the end all views and decisions are drawn to meet the same vision, thus it is just a matter of routes to follow to reach the same destination.
·         Credibility: keeping to your words and character, gives you credibility. A business partner who keeps to his/her words and delivers at the required and right time is credible. Your business partner has to be someone you can rely on to be trust worthy in all dealings.
·         Rapport: Disagreements are bound to result to a rise in tensions in the course of your business, but having a good relationship with your business partner, will create an avenue for dialogue which always aim to achieve a common aim and benefit.
·         Mutual Trust: Trust entails having credibility in your dealings and work.  A business partner should be someone you can share this same credible character with to achieve a goal. Trust is a key because a lot is at stake in running a business. You should be able to trust a partnership judgment on issues.
·         Winning Attitude and Mentality: If you want your business to succeed, then you need a partner who is craving for success also and a partnership that is ambitious, purpose-driven, pro-active and willing to put in work for success.
·         Competence/Confidence: A good partner should be able to confidently and independently carry out business tasks, most especially when you are not around.
·         Discipline: Hard work without discipline lacks substance; it cannot stand the test of time. A good business partner exercises some level of discipline.
·         Experience: Experience is an asset that cannot be bought, but acquired. A good business partner should be one who has working knowledge in your area of specialization.
·         Complementary skills: A good partnership is one where both partners complement each other. No matter how good you are, you can never know it all, likewise your business partner.
·         Communication: Good communication is vital to the success of a business partnership. Good partners communicate about the little and big  things, which makes for a successful business.
. With these factors, your business and partnership is bound to succeed and attain great heights.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Why Mind Fuel is the next big thing

Your mind is the car that drives your life. For you to move in the direction you desire in life, you have to develop the habit of constantly refilling your Mind Tank through the use of positive thoughts, affirmations, knowledge and actions that will ensure your Mind Tank remain on an adequate gauge level.
Like when you use your car to move around, you burn fuel in the process which brings the need to refuel, so it is also with the mind. As we journey through life, we come in contact with happy moments, sad moments, challenges and opportunities.

Regardless of what you come in contact with, you have to keep refueling your mind with positivity to allow you have enough juice to keep moving without being distracted.
Without refueling your Mind Tank you risk allowing your mind become empty with no fuel to power it. This will only l make situations overwhelm you instead of you taking charge.

Your mind is the most important part of your existence because it is the engine that drives your entire being. Thus it is important you give it attention and begin to fuel your mind with the right thoughts, energy and actions which will keep you energized enough to go through life knowing you have all it takes to succeed.

Remember the journey to success is not a smooth ride, but it is a worthy journey to undertake because in the end the destination is always fruitful for those who are passionate enough to give it their best and all.
Follow your passions and the money will follow you, chase excellence and creating value and success will follow you. Your mind is all you need.

Read inspiring articles, books and materials to keep your mind energized with knowledge. Learning is a continuous process and never forget practice makes perfect and Knowledge is Power.

For you to go all the way and achieve success you have to be willingly to be consistent and follow through on a persistent basis with actions and the mindset to conquer all that comes your way be it opportunities  or challenges till you reach you desired destination.

Always keep your Mind Tank filled with adequate fuel (organized knowledge) to propel you towards your destination.

Remember when you are tired learn to rest and refuel your mind and never give up because there is an infinite amount of mind fuel which you can have access to.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Believe in Yourself

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Nobody is a Winner of Today that was not a failure of Yesterday.. Your greatest weakness in Life is Not when You fail but when You easily give in to Failure and Blame it on others and to lack of opportunity.. NOBODY can be called a failure until they refuse to RISE when they fall or Stumble. Believe in the Greatness in You.. Your Mind is a Power Tool and No one is in Charge of Your Reality BUT YOU.  #trillionairethoughts #Godforever#positivevibrations #author#successkeys #life #motivation#designer #hustle #bossup #style#social #instagram #instagood #grind#entrepreneur #empire #i #king#motivationalquotes #fashion#photography #belief #youincharge

Champions Confront to Conquer:

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The Climb to the Top Requires a Fearless Attitude, An Ambitious Soul, A Purposeful Mind and A Positive Mindset that uses Positive Thinking and a Winning Mentality to Put into Motion the Passion, Drive, Attitude and Actions Needed to Get to the Top...Remember Muhammad Ali Said "I am the Greatest" even before he got there.. Your Mindset is Everything...As the Thoughts You Plant in Your Mind becomes the Reality You Reap.. Rule Your Thoughts and Conquer Success.. No Guts.. No Glory! #trillionairethoughts#Godforever #positivevibrations #author#successkeys #life #motivation#designer #hustle #bossup #style#social #instagram #instagood #grind#entrepreneur #empire #i #king#motivationalquotes #fashion#photography #progress #inspire#classic

How to Develop Your Inner Creativity

Your Success depends on your level of creativity. Anyone can become creative, it’s a matter of practice because as we all know, practice makes perfect. All you need is already in you.
You have to work out everything you want in life through your mind and thoughts.

A wise man once said that “the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, no matter what their chosen field is.

There can be no great courage where there is no self-confidence and half the battle is won through the conviction that we can do anything we put our heart in undertaking.

Make sure you Dream Big dreams because you have all it takes “Your Mind and Thoughts”. Set bigger goals and make bigger commitments and plunge into life more whole heatedly than you ever have before knowing that  Life has to do with the use of Energy and Thoughts as those who are skilled in achieving success do not become afraid as the wise win before they fight knowing the fight is first won in the Mind.

Creativity is one of the greatest gift and talent that can be developed by all when you engage in continuous learning which you can start by laying the foundation of positive thoughts and utilizing your thoughts to begin to imagine what you desire and want.

Creativity has forces that propel it to achieve desired results and these forces must be incorporated in the use of your thoughts and mind. These forces are: Passion, Imagination and Vision
        PASSION: Means you must do what you love and be proud of your work. This is important because doing what you love allows you to put in your heart to bring out the best out of your work. If you follow your passion always know the money will follow you because with passion you will have the key to unlock the attitude of consistency, persistence, hard work which will move you closer to your dreams as you journey to Success.

·         IMAGINATION: This is the only reason we see and experience Change as new things, innovations, trends, success stories generate from. Without imagination the world will be stagnant and only revolve around the same patterns, trends and lifestyle. With your imagination which is powered through your thoughts, you can get inspiration to develop the plans and strategies that will best fit in achieving your Success.

·       VISION: Your vision will give you the strength and motivation to work today giving your best because you are focused on achieving a desired end which you have set in your mind through your thoughts. This allows you to have a target and end game in whatever you decide to undertake. With a Vision you will be motivated to work in achieving any goal you set. With vision comes the ability to think about the end result of anything you want to undertake before its accomplishment. Knowing where you are heading to is important in chasing Success as it will enable you make the decisions and take the actions required to Succeed. Vision gives you direction and allows you to evolve and develop your success.

Remember: You are all it takes to Succeed! See you at the Top..

Friday, 17 March 2017

Take Charge...Your Mindset Creates Your Reality

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Your Thoughts are Important in Building Your Reality just as a Roof is Important to a House..As Your Limits in Achievement is not fixed in Time or Space but Solely by Your Own Belief and Confidence in What You think is Possible for You..Always Remember those who are skilled in achieving Success do not become afraid as the wise will win before they fight because they know the Game is always Won in the Mind First..Build Your strength and Tenacity through positive thinking and attitude knowing that Your Thoughts and Mind is all You need to begin to Conquer and climb to the Top of Success.. You are all it takes to Succeed!

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What Fuels the Passion and Ambition!

The Success Journey so Far:

Bill Gates said “Don’t compare yourself with others; if you do then you are insulting yourself”. We are all unique and have greatness within us but only if we develop them can we see how unique and special we are. My aim is to help as many people as possible discover the greatness within them and help many continue with positive growth, balance and living with success.

The reason why I became an Entrepreneur and Writer is:  To create an opportunity to fuel the minds of individuals and provide empowerment to the greatest asset and machinery of all mankind which is the Human Mind and help guide people towards success and greater achievements through the use of positive thoughts, the law of attraction, success and development of the power of the human mind to allow people to harness this power through organized knowledge and learning by doing with self belief and confidence.

The greatest asset is the human resource equipped with the human mind and brain, with this you can achieve all things. Remember, all human beings are born equal and with unique traits and talents in them that can make them stand out if they are well harnessed.

My reason for becoming an entrepreneur also is backed with the vision of bringing exposure about the essence of  positive, quality and authentic mind development to produce better thinkers who can apply the knowledge from life and apply it in a more purposeful and profitable way.

I am a purpose-driven, ambitious, creative, innovative and a creative mind. The desire to become an entrepreneur began to take roots in my mind when I was in Junior secondary School 2 where I wrote an essay writing competition and came first. I wrote my first book afterwards at the age of 15, but never published it. Afterwards I began developing the spirit of self reliance knowing my abilities can help me achieve all my desired results in life. With a passion for writing and seeing that my efforts began to yield rewards I began to engage in more reading, studying and writing trying to tell stories and come up with ideas that could enable someone I mean anyone become self-reliant and independent.

On my search to success I came across a lot of materials and books which laid emphasis on the power of our thoughts and how we think. A lot of research and discoveries have laid out evidence which proves that we human beings have the capacity and ability to create our reality through our mindset, actions, attitudes and principles in life.

This fact after experiencing its gains during my school days where I focused on developing an attitude of consistency, persistence and fine habits led to me graduating with a 4.47 CGPA in Management Information Technology.
Since then my drive and passion for spreading the word of self-reliance and independence grew more allowing me to use the smallest medium possible to educate people more on the power of their mind and thoughts. Always remember your mindset determines the outcome of your reality.

My vision is to work in creating value that can help develop a better and more positive individual and society that comes in contact with me or my brand. I want everyone regardless of your field of expertise and the youths most especially to be fully equipped with the right and positive knowledge, information and tools to make informed decisions and live a life of prosperity and success through self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Follow TrillionaireThoughts as we move through life with positive vibration, success and wealth with a healthy living….
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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Your Mind Is Powerful: Discover Your Passion

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Look into Your life to discover your own Riches, Originality and Uniqueness, build on them continously and make efforts for growth creating more value and profits from your Passion and Vision.Be You and Stay Grateful to Your Uniqueness.. for A Grateful Heart is a Thankful Heart and a Thankful Heart is a Blessed Heart and a Blessed Heart is a Wealthy Being!.. As Your Mindset Determines the Outcome of Your Reality..Yes You Can Be the Hero of Your Life.
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Monday, 13 March 2017

“Monday Good Vibes”

Greatness lies in not being strong but in the right use of strength...Always remember this.

In pursuit of success in any field you are, try to find and discover the strategies for changing the game you play; Do what is new, be innovative, think deep, create value, capture it and be sensitive to information and grow your knowledge. The game is full of players, be the game changer. Actively shape the game you play and not just play the game you find bringing about revolution to the game you are playing.

Below are some Good Vibes that will always Motivate you:

You don’t need to start with a lot of cash to become successful, but just the personality, learn to begin to do small things in great ways and soon you will do great things as well.

Move from positive thinking of a hopeful person to positive knowing of a totally successful person by always putting in hard work with positive thoughts
Without the dream and vision, achievement is impossible. Always encourage yourself through your thoughts and mindset. Stay confident

Dream freely, work smarter and define your success
Our beliefs create a very powerful energy system in our lives, as our beliefs allow or disallow certain experiences in our lives. Define your beliefs to attract success and wealth. For our beliefs make us who we are. Your beliefs create your reality, rather than the other way around

The law of attraction is impartial, impersonal and thus we attract what we vibrate in the present moment. Like attracts like and everything comes to us through the law of attraction
Enjoy what you have and hope for the good by creating more of what you desire.
If you desire it, believe it, expect it and then it will be yours. Always focus on the end result of your desire.

Confidence in business is the first thing, second thing and third.
Work it, sweat it and win it.

Hustle: Plan and make moves. Move and don’t stay down; listen and don’t be in a haste, Criticize  but don’t judge, stay calm and don’t rush to conclusions

Don’t over think what has been done and said, move to the point where you increase your efficiency.
You cannot take away from the game more than you bring to it.

Success is all about value, creating it, capturing it, spreading it and profiting from it.
Value flows from the company to the customers and money flows in the reverse direction. Focus on creating value and the money will follow.

Always surround yourself with people that will motivate and uplift you.
Be more curious about ideas
The mountain climb to wealth is: Get Rich, Stay Rich and Grow Your Wealth

Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few and friendly to a handful

The actions of people are the best interpreters of their thoughts never forget that.
Be the ruler of your life…You are all it takes to Succeed!