Sunday, 12 March 2017

Competing with Others Makes You Lose Touch with Your Own Uniqueness and Originality

In life the only competition you have to undertake is being better than the person you were yesterday, improving on the person you are today and building on the person you want to be tomorrow. In life, you will come across a lot of people, over 6 billion people on earth now. But don’t get intimidated by the number and population increase because amongst this people on earth, you still stand out as being unique, this means that there is no one like you or me. 

We are all One unique version of ourselves with no copyright. You may see that some people fit it differently from others in terms of financial freedom, educational background, political affiliations, nationality and other factors but all are the same in terms of Mind and thought ability where all success originates and begins to manifest from. So no worries, but rather develop firm confidence knowing that if anybody can achieve something worthy and great in life, then you as well can do it because we all belong to the Human Race.
Everyone has a unique “Finger print” which points out to the fact that all are unique and are capable of greatness if only they will develop and grow naturally in their own way.
Our unique identity points to the truth that we all have unique ability, talent, charisma, attitude, physical appearance, thinking strategy that can make us standout if we discover ourselves more.
A lot of people are caught up in the web of competing with others to the extent that they lose touch with their own originality and uniqueness.
Many blame their misfortune to events and circumstances that they come across, but the truth is that some negativity you experience are created by you. Remember no two people on earth are exactly alike as only similarities may exist.
Look at others either above or below you as motivation knowing that if another person like you who went through all the stages of growth from being infant to an adult can achieve greatness then you as well can do it because you also possess the tool and system required which begins with developing your mind through positive thinking and being optimistic about your abilities as well as putting in the required effort and work which allows you to conceive thoughts, develop ideas, plan, take action and achieve success.
Bill Gates said “Never compare yourself with other people, if you do that then you are insulting yourself”
Always remember flowers exist but not all flowers blossom at the same time. Stay true to your unique nature and fall in love with your passions and work on your goals and let time grow you in your own way and you will blossom at your own right time. Your journey in life is different from everyone else.

Enjoy your journey through life and turn your dreams into reality and make memories that will leave a legacy and succeed only as you truly desire and want.

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