Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to Make more Money with the HABIT OF SAVING


Millions of people go through life in poverty and want because they have made destructive use of the habit of saving. Remember the saying “always save for the rainy days”.
When you thoroughly understand the power of saving you will insure your financial success in the great game of money making. We are all victims of habit but any person who desires wealth must develop the habit of saving as part of your principles for success. It is only a person that saves that can welcome opportunities head on when it is one of s financial requirement which is most likely to occur in our journey through life. Saving allows you to develop the foundation of building wealth because for you to build you have to accumulate the resources required to develop and evolve your vision.
The fear of poverty and lack of financial resources has been predominant amongst many as people go through life looking and thinking of what they lack, constantly thinking of poverty instead of focusing on riches., what you focus on you begin to attract.
The accumulation of money is not difficult after you have mastered the fear of poverty and you focus more on having instead of lacking. Your mindset is very important in growth of your financial resources.
Success in life is not all about “money” but it ranks high in importance to wealth creation and it is given its proper value in all philosophies intended to help people in becoming successful, happy and productive.
The person without money is at the mercy of the one with money in our generation today. There is no escape from  the fact that people will not invite you into some certain business if you don’t have the habit of wealth accumulation and saving.
Saving is a trap that is always waiting for opportunity to explode, the question is what will you bring on the table of opportunity when it comes your way?
Many have gone a long way towards success only to stumble and fall never to rise again because of the lack of money in the time of emergency.
Make sure you have some emergency funds, investment funds, utilities funds and other funds as you wish to name them. The fact is for you to succeed you always have to save something, never spend all your money at once.
Make sure your spending habit is not killing your saving habit because your spending habit plays a major role in your saving habit, keep an eye on this always.
Finally, don’t lavish your money on things you don’t need and want but spend on just to impress and belong.

Be wise, spend less, save more, invest more and build wealth.

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