Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No One is Better Than You Because You Have all it Takes to Win

Why is there so much competition around, people looking up to others not as motivation to succeed but as competition and sometimes a threat? It is a well known fact that every single person on this earth has their unique finger print. Even though the resemblance between people might be vivid, nobody is exactly the same as another person in Life. Everyone is born unique, even twins are not the same in terms of mind power, finger prints as well as other abilities.
With the unique nature of every person, it is quite sad that people still look at others with the eyes of envy, hate, lust, deceit and disrespect.

It is common today that the word “competition” has had a rather more negative impact on the shallow minds (people without an in depth knowledge of Mind Power and Self-worth). People in this category see competition as something they have to always meet up with each time a change occurs, making them to go to any length just to keep up or either to gain a level of self-worth or applause from other people. Sometimes people even go head to head against each other just to prove who is either   more beautiful , handsome,  educated, social and better in other areas of life.
Competition in business can be profitable and lucrative if carried out with a specific intent of dominating rather than competing. But competition amongst individuals is rather a destructive trend. Some people dress, work, talk and act just to impress others or to show their superior standard posing as people that are either trendy or people who have more in life.

A mind that looks at another person rather than feel challenged or motivated , engages in competing ceases to see the uniqueness of their own nature.

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