Friday, 10 March 2017

Understanding the Circles of Life

Life has two circles-
1.      The Circle of Influence ( Most Important)  2. The Circle of Concern

Every successful person to ever walk this earth at a point in time had to realize that life was dynamic yet controllable by we human beings if only we pay more attention to the influential factors which amounts to the great part of achieving success. This individual factors is what I call as the Circle of Influence.
The circle of influence includes the immediate environment and resources which an individual can have access to without any external influence or factors. This circle of Influence which can be controlled by any individual is called “the Mind”.
The Mind is your circle of influence in Life and with it you can evolve into anything you desire. With your mind you can think, plan, build and execute. With your mind you can create your reality.
The second circle of Life is known as the Circle of Concern which includes factors which cannot be directly controlled by just any individual such as; economy, security, government policies..etc.
This second circle is what ironically takes the interest of most individuals who engage in arguments, debates, criticism and other forms of propaganda making them deviate from searching for the aspect in life they can dominate and become self-reliant with. Many who have discovered the power of the mind have gone on to become successful.
For you to begin your journey to success you must come to terms that the most important circle of Life is the Circle of Influence which has to do with You as an individual.  Always remember that “For you to change a nation you must first change yourself”.
“You can control your thoughts and knowing how to do this will be amongst you first great victory in life” a wise man once said.
Life requires boldness, undying passion, persistence and consistency in the race to success. In the struggle for success you have to be ready with the right mindset knowing that everyday you live you have to aspire and work towards being great while focusing on your goals and passion. Undying passion is what gets you to build up the courage to climb to the top of success because the climb to Success is a challenging one.
In school, I learnt through my performance that undying passion to succeed builds up when you begin to be consistent with seeking the best out of your performance all the time and this applies to all aspects of your life. Be it a job, career, family, business and society at large.
 You have to work towards greatness to attract greatness because the seeds you plant today become the fruits you will harvest tomorrow thus plant seeds of greatness and harvest fruits of greatness.
The success mindset involves you to channel your strength and energy into building success like it’s the only option you have because in Truth that’s the only option you have if you want a life of happiness, joy, class and style with quality to it.
True success allows you to develop from within knowing that you have all it takes to be whatever your mind will believe in.
Begin to look for the good and positive in everything you do and always seek to improve yourself when chasing your goals because continuous self development and improvement is what keeps building the momentum you need to succeed.  
Never underestimate the Power You have…You are all it takes to succeed


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