Friday, 17 March 2017

What Fuels the Passion and Ambition!

The Success Journey so Far:

Bill Gates said “Don’t compare yourself with others; if you do then you are insulting yourself”. We are all unique and have greatness within us but only if we develop them can we see how unique and special we are. My aim is to help as many people as possible discover the greatness within them and help many continue with positive growth, balance and living with success.

The reason why I became an Entrepreneur and Writer is:  To create an opportunity to fuel the minds of individuals and provide empowerment to the greatest asset and machinery of all mankind which is the Human Mind and help guide people towards success and greater achievements through the use of positive thoughts, the law of attraction, success and development of the power of the human mind to allow people to harness this power through organized knowledge and learning by doing with self belief and confidence.

The greatest asset is the human resource equipped with the human mind and brain, with this you can achieve all things. Remember, all human beings are born equal and with unique traits and talents in them that can make them stand out if they are well harnessed.

My reason for becoming an entrepreneur also is backed with the vision of bringing exposure about the essence of  positive, quality and authentic mind development to produce better thinkers who can apply the knowledge from life and apply it in a more purposeful and profitable way.

I am a purpose-driven, ambitious, creative, innovative and a creative mind. The desire to become an entrepreneur began to take roots in my mind when I was in Junior secondary School 2 where I wrote an essay writing competition and came first. I wrote my first book afterwards at the age of 15, but never published it. Afterwards I began developing the spirit of self reliance knowing my abilities can help me achieve all my desired results in life. With a passion for writing and seeing that my efforts began to yield rewards I began to engage in more reading, studying and writing trying to tell stories and come up with ideas that could enable someone I mean anyone become self-reliant and independent.

On my search to success I came across a lot of materials and books which laid emphasis on the power of our thoughts and how we think. A lot of research and discoveries have laid out evidence which proves that we human beings have the capacity and ability to create our reality through our mindset, actions, attitudes and principles in life.

This fact after experiencing its gains during my school days where I focused on developing an attitude of consistency, persistence and fine habits led to me graduating with a 4.47 CGPA in Management Information Technology.
Since then my drive and passion for spreading the word of self-reliance and independence grew more allowing me to use the smallest medium possible to educate people more on the power of their mind and thoughts. Always remember your mindset determines the outcome of your reality.

My vision is to work in creating value that can help develop a better and more positive individual and society that comes in contact with me or my brand. I want everyone regardless of your field of expertise and the youths most especially to be fully equipped with the right and positive knowledge, information and tools to make informed decisions and live a life of prosperity and success through self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

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