Thursday, 27 April 2017

Appreciate Your Originality and Become Successful

Your Originality is Your Strength:

Bill Gates said “Never compare yourself with other people, if you do that then you are insulting yourself”

In life the only competition you have to undertake is being better than the person you were yesterday, improving on the person you are today and building on the person you want to be tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to Achieve Success with Just Your Mind and Thoughts

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Remember Always that Nothing Good Comes Easy.. As It Takes Undying Passion and True Tenacity with Consistent Learning and Motivation to get to the Top.. Motivate Yourself by Focusing on What Inspires You and develop Strength, Confidence and Consistency through Habits that ensure you always put in the work to Dominate your Life. 

Your Mindset is the Engine behind Your Drive in Life.. Enrich it with Positive thoughts and Focus on Your Passion which will allow You build Pure Strength and Confidence to Conquer all as You head to the Top and Maintain the Top.. The Power is within You.. Rewire Your Thoughts and Create the reality You desire Because in the End if you don't see Greatness in your imagination.. You will never see them in Reality.. Work Hard.. Stay Fit.. Stay Positive. Stay Humble and Live Blessed...

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Power of the Mind and Law of Attraction

Meanwhile "Thoughts Rule The World"

The law of attraction is one of the fundamental principles of the universe we have come to live in. The Law of attraction just like the law of electricity which works always when the right method is applied will always work if you apply it right.

It is very unfortunate that in today’s civilization, people have neglected the essence and importance of one of the greatest discovery ever which was that “Man can think”. Human beings are born with a gift within them which is called the mind.

The Mind is the greatest weapon ever to walk the surface of the earth because everything that has come to be seen before us was first conceived through the mind using thoughts. Someone had to think about making an airplane, someone had to think about building that the bridge that beautifies everywhere as well as many other great innovations, inventions and things we have come to behold and treasure.

Imagine if there was no mind to perceive the thoughts of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, GQ Magazine,  Gucci, Prada, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Face book, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, English Premier League, La Liga and a lot of other great things we treasure and admire.

It is a known fact that everything that exists which was Man- made began in a thought form. Every great idea, song, painting, article, book, speech, recipe, all began in a thought form.
If I was you I wouldn’t work so hard to admiring what is on the outside but rather I will work so hard beautifying the inside that the outside has no choice but to reflect what my inside looks like.
And remember to invest in Yourself first, expect Nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything. Because till you own can't be free. Don't work for money..let Money work for you. follow your passion and work hard and success will follow you. create value with your uniqueness and originality because you have all it takes within you. we are all's all about discovering yourself..Go all in and evolve creating the best version of you.

You have the power and ability to create our reality through our thoughts and mind. Because our mind is a magnet that attracts the dominating thoughts we continuously focus on.

Never forget.."Thoughts Rule the World"


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The 7 Simple Rules of a Successful Lifestyle

For you to rise above where you are, you must think above where you are. your mindset determines what you attract. stay confident with your vision and work hard on your passions and believe me when i say, "You will Achieve Your Goals".

Never Consider the possibility of failure but see every challenge or temporary obstacle as motivation to build strength knowing that only practice makes perfect and you can also do better with every small effort you put into your work in a positive way.

Thomas Edison once said after his great discovery that "I did not  fail 10,000 times, I only found 10,000 ways that it won't work". For one who after so many trials found a way that his goal could be achieved tell you more about how challenges build up motivation as well as knowledge to understand and completely conquer your flaws. Success is a game of conquer failure first and then achieve Success. a successful lifestyle can only be gotten through strength and tenacity with belief that for your mind to conceive it and your heart believe it then you can achieve it no matter how long it takes.
Read more on How to use Challenges as Motivation to Build Strength

To build a successful lifestyle, you must be patient and have self-confidence and persistence as your front guard in your battle to the top. No one in the history of the World build an empire in one day....even Rome was not built in a day.

Denzel Washington said that "if you pray for rain, be ready to deal with the mud as well". Yes, this is so true as It's also like praying for a rainbow and not wanting the storm. This is practically impossible.

Life  for me means Living In Full Experience. for you to come out as a Diamond, you must first go through pressure as the fine things in life don't come cheap.

Make up your mind and begin by adapting yourself to these seven (7) rules of a Success lifestyle:

i. Create Value with Your Passion
ii. Try New Things
iii. Only focus on the Positive (See the Good in Life)
iv. Learn Something New everyday (Value Knowledge)
v. Follow Your Curiosity
vi. Ask when You don't know
vii. Work Hard and Smart (Never Waste Time..Stay Productive)

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Focus on Content and Creating Value

Over the years of my research I discovered that the most attractive features of a man to a woman is true success, wealth with personality, character, integrity and principles. A real woman values a Man who is well groomed with Manners, Intellect and a God-driven soul.

In 1996, Bill Gates Said in an interview that "Content is King".

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Why Challenges Never Lasts

Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

To swim or float in life is your choice to make. Nobody was born great. Everyone grew from an infant and passed all stages of growth to maturity. We are all equals, gods amongst gods. Every successful person in any field of life became great by learning to be good in their field. Always remember wealth is a choice.