Sunday, 2 April 2017

Focus on Content and Creating Value

Over the years of my research I discovered that the most attractive features of a man to a woman is true success, wealth with personality, character, integrity and principles. A real woman values a Man who is well groomed with Manners, Intellect and a God-driven soul.

In 1996, Bill Gates Said in an interview that "Content is King".
This statement here can be applied to all aspects of success and life because in reality people value content more than any other characteristics they come across as in the long run only content creates real value and impact. It is well known that people tend to easily get bored when something has no content and cannot add value or be of benefit to them  regardless of what it is because in the end we all seek satisfaction from value added rather than amount or time spent on something.

The Man of content is also a Boss Player (Leader, Thinker, Builder and Money Maker). Read more on The Secret of a Boss Player

On  the search for Quality and finding what attracts success and what makes a Man standout,  I discovered that real people don’t fall for just looks and what you have but for what is within because Content is King.The Quality Man is a Man that Chases Excellence and Creating Value-The Quality Man thoughts - “Practicing Good over evil can Multiply your Strength, Double your wealth and Triple Your Self-Confidence”.

The Quality man values God, style, class, originality, personality, character and principles, with these traits, he wins the heart of every woman he comes in contact with.  Although people find it hard to build these, you can admit with me that it is a well known fact that nothing good comes easy.Remember Quality men are out there but for a woman to attract one she must become one of 

Quality as well.  The universe works with the laws of attraction and everything comes to us through this as what  you think…you attract.

Game theory as seen in the Harvard Business School Review highlights that “you cannot take away from the game more than you bring to it”. This implies that you can also only attract the people, situations, opportunities that conform with your beliefs, thoughts, attitude and mindset. “Life can be as good as we desire and see it in our mind if only we walk with GOD and build up the strength and character to withstand the journey to being successful with Quality, Original and Positive Thoughts”…. the Quality Man’s words

The Quality Man is also a believer in GOD, he sees GOD as the Source of his power and the Mind that knows all and the Almighty One that can give and take and above all the Ruler of the Universe.

Napoleon Hill points out in his book “The Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons” that: “True Success entails achieving your desired aim without violating the rights of others”. Meaning your success should bring no harm to anyone….this is amongst the bedrock principles of every Quality Man..

Always remember that there is no shortage of money to be made on earth but just shortage of people not thinking big enough.

The quality man is an original, meaning he believes in his own uniqueness and doesn’t compare himself to others neither does he compete to be better than others.
Originality is what brings about Authenticity and Uniqueness which brings value. The Quality Man creates value and harnesses the power from within, knowing that thoughts rule the world and with his mind he can propel himself to any height with actions and attitude that reflects: Purpose, Tenacity, Consistency and the Fear of GOD. Remember Man is not the creator of himself.

Some Rules of Success of the Quality Man

1 .      Self-Belief and Confidence is Everything
2 .      Without GOD you are Worthless and also Fear Only GOD
3 .      Dream Big, Start Small and Work Hard
4 .      Use Challenges As Motivation to Build Strength
5 .      Have Good Principles and Never Compromise Them
6 .      Your Character and Personality is Your Logo, Don’t settle for Less
7 .      Value Knowledge above Money
8 .      Always stay Positive..the universe works will the laws of attraction
9 .      Value Family and Love over Money

Read more on to How to Develop Your Inner Creativity with Your Thoughts , because in reality thoughts rule the world and you can go as far as your mind lets you think. Thus with the right mindset creating content, you can achieve whatever you put your heart and mind into.

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