Friday, 19 May 2017

How to Become Successful with Persistence

“Persistence” (Means continuous efforts which accumulates to work done, hustle, grind, time, passion, actions that are put in towards achieving a goal, target or dream – Basil Ada
Michael Jordan said “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why is succeed”. 
Thomas Edison had to try 10,000 times before he found the great invention which was the electric bulb. After this great discovery he said, “I did not fail 10,000 times but I found 10,000 ways it won’t work”. 

The two men above are famous within their generation and will still be as their persistence and strong character made them standout and become relevant  and they all did it with a key mindset of Persistence” .

This one word “Persistence” will change your life if you apply it right with a positive mindset and thoughts.. There is a general fact I have come to confirm that with persistence you keep moving and gain momentum with each step you take forward. Remember the saying: “if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving and don’t stop”.  

There is a great deal of power which comes from being persistent but you can only harness this power through consistency of efforts, time, actions and habits created and applied towards  achieving a specific aim, goal or target.

 Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid FC in the 2016/2017 season at  30+, had incredible impact on the success of his team. Ronaldo is a player that at a very early age from his academy days to training sessions as a full time professional was the hardest worker who came early and left late. His work ethics and persistent attitude of trying at all times to improve himself made him the World best footballer on more than one occasion and in addition he has won all the major trophies within the largest football community in Europe.

The concept of persistence is one you must get acquainted to if you want to climb to the top of success. Without persistence you will not survive long enough to achieve your dreams. The world we live in works with energy and a persistent mindset attracts the rewards of continuity, consistency and progress through the work done. Game theory emphasizes also that you cannot take more than to bring to the game. In essence it is want you plant that you will harvest, thus if you plant seeds of greatness, you will harvest fruits of greatness.

Some Advantages of a Persistent Attitude and Mindset

-    A persistent attitude and mindset evolves your mind and fills your reality with possibilities, ideas, tenacity (which in simple terms implies: Tough Endurance Needed As Challenges Increasingly Test You), desire, positivity, consistency, character, strength, willpower and zeal to focus towards achieving a goal. Remember that persistence works with practice and practice makes perfect.
-          With a persistent attitude and mindset you can guarantee that your mindset and actions will always be aimed at  seeing the good in everything and working on possibilities which will ensure you keep moving towards your goals and target even when others get tired because you have made up your mind that you rest when tired but not quit until the goal is achieved.
-          Persistence helps you achieve success sooner than others will because you are always a step ahead as most people give up after a few trials.

The Good Thing about Persistence: Anyone Can Develop it and harness the power.

Persistence can  be developed and the power which comes from it such as consistency, courage, tenacity  with confidence can be harnessed by anyone through the use of the mind and thoughts.
Feed your mind with possibilities and your reality will reflect what you think because thoughts rule the world and you become what you think. Read more on how to use your thoughts to build a positive mindset and a winning attitude for Achieving Peak Performance

 Remember always that practice makes perfect and every master was once a beginner. Your ability to fix a thought in your mind allows you to have the machinery to build whatever you desire from a thought form before it manifests into reality which the universe helps us with through the law of attraction.  Persistence also allows you to continuously focus towards something until it is achieved.
You can become persistent at anything if you make up your mind and thoughts to keep pushing until your goal is achieved regardless of what happens along the way. Remember that practice makes perfect and you cannot become a master at anything without failing first because in reality as the saying goes “the Master has failed more times than the students have tried”.

Also Remember that it’s a Big World and the Bigger You Dream, the Bigger You will live in it….All it takes is just You.


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Friday, 12 May 2017

How Positive Momentum, Motivation and Tenacity won Chelsea the EPL 2016/2017 Season


How Positive Motivation can make You the Special One          
"How Positive Motivation and Momentum Put Chelsea Football Club at the Top of  the English premier League For the 2016/2017 Season a year after they had the worst season ever as defending champions of the league finishing in 10th Position with Leciester City going on to win the league for the 2015/2016 Season"

How Antonio Conte is becoming the New Special One at Chelsea FC

Antonio Conte as described by me is The New Special One at Chelsea Fc and he ushered in the Era of a Management with Intelligence, Composure, Style and a Positive Mindset.

When You Ask, You get answers and when you get answers you have the opportunity to learn and understand. Never stop learning – Basil Ada

With Chelsea Football Club coming out on top with another English Premier League title win on Friday 12th May 2017, it is important for anyone who sees success of others as a motivation and not just as competition to note the fundamental principles that have played a major role in giving Chelsea the much deserved premier league title with Antonio Conte’s first season as manager. I support Arsenal but I love Conte’s Strategies and perseverance towards making winning success a consistent thing.

Morale of the Story:    

For anyone going through tough situations and challenges, remember that they don’t last and as Albert Einstein Said “You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results”. For you to move ahead and keep going without losing enthusiasm, momentum and passion to achieve your goals, you must be willing to consistently:
1.      Try new things when old ones fail you
2.      Put in Your best at all times
3.      Be ready for any challenge
4.      Stay positive always
5.      Avoid criticizing others
6.      Adapt to change
7.      Be focused  
8.      Learn and Study continuously.

How Antonio Conte Made History in the English Premier League in less than One Year in Charge

He has kept his attitude throughout the season spot on and has even motivated other coaches such as Arsene Wenger  to adapt to a 3- man defense style at some point in the season. As a manager he has avoided the much experienced mind games which others indulge in. With his unique style and positive outlook on life, you can see a man that is mindful and very calculative with the steps and actions he takes as he embarks on making history with a Chelsea side that barely a year ago had a low level of motivation and team spirit. Remember that if you proceed as one, you lose strength as you move on but if you proceed together with others, you gain strength and momentum as you all move.
Remember also that Chelsea Fc best player of the season is less than 6 ft tall, this points out also that size doesn’t matter, looks and physical build doesn’t either but what matters most is Heart, focus, mindset and zeal to pursue your goal until you have achieved them all.

Games can start and end on the same day when you playing soccer, but it takes a whole season to win a trophy and only with Patience, Perseverance, Consistency, Hard work, belief and determination can you climb to the top - Basil Ada

As seen on Wikipedia:
Conte on his coaching philosophy
-        “The word 'coach' has to encompass everything. You can't only be good at tactics, just as you can't only be good at motivation, just as you can't only be good from a psychological point of view, just as you can't only be good in how you manage the club and the media. You have got to be good at everything. You have got to try and excel at everything. To do this you have got to study and since I became a coach, for me, it has been continuous study.
Conte on His Talent as a Player
“I did not have Zinedine Zidane or Roberto Baggio's talent as a player, and I have played with both, as even when they were circled they could try to break through or create interesting situations with the ball. When I was a player, my efforts and work-rate, my willingness to sacrifice fitness and humility made up for my lack of pure talent but sometimes, if I didn't find a teammate next to me, I might lose the ball.
Conte on his use of tactical systems
As a manager, my first thought from day one was that I wanted to find solutions for my players when the ball reached them, as I could not. If my players don't understand something, I force the player to ask me why we are doing such movement or working on certain tactics in training both offensively or defensively. I always want my players to be fully understanding of the problem. I want them to understand why we are doing certain things and why those things are useful.”
Why Change is the Only Constant Thing in Life:
An Extract from Wikipedia:
In his first season as Chelsea manager, Conte started with a 4–1–4–1 formation, but after two comprehensive defeats to Arsenal and Liverpool early in the season, he changed the system to a fluid 3–4–2–1, with his trademark three-man defence consisting of David Luiz, César Azpilicueta and Gary Cahill, two defensive-minded midfielders in N'Golo Kante and Nemanja Matić, two wing-backs equally capable at also playing as wingers (Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso), and a three-man attack spearheaded by striker Diego Costa and crucially assisted by outside forwards Eden Hazard and Pedro or Willian.
This system depends on the constant positional movement of attacking players, with the two wide forwards moving inside when the full-backs make overlapping forward runs, thus effectively managing space. When losing the ball, players' quick transition  to a defensive style that makes the system easily transform into a compact formation. Chelsea's performances improved dramatically after the tactical change, with 13 consecutive wins in the Premier League;
In addition to their tactical discipline and organization, Chelsea also drew praise for their fitness and work-rate under Conte, which was attributed to the team's highly rigorous preseason training, which Gary Cahill described as one of the "hardest" he's ever experienced.
Remember good things never come from your comfort zone.
Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci also singled out Conte for his role in motivating the players and creating a unified team environment. Pirlo has also remarked approvingly of Conte's man-management and motivational skills. In his autobiography he recalled how Conte's introductory speech to the Juventus squad left a significant impression on him: "He needed only one speech, with many simple words, to conquer both me and Juventus. He had fire running through his veins and he moved like a viper. 'This squad, dear boys, is coming off two consecutive seventh-place finishes. It's crazy. It's shocking. I am not here for this, so it's time to stop being so crap.'...
When Conte speaks, his words assault you. They crash through the doors of your mind. I've lost count of the number of times I've said: 'Hell, Conte said something really spot-on again today - Pirlo
In addition to his comparisons to José Mourinho, some commentators have also remarked on his managerial similarities to Alex Ferguson, using an anecdote from his final season as Juventus manager to illustrate his formidable temper.
 Prior to the team talk ahead of the final game of the 2013–14 season, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon arrived with the club's chief executive who Buffon claimed wanted to speak to the players over how much they were due in win bonuses having won the title. "The suggestion sent Conte into a fury.
He chased every player out of the room as he tore into Buffon. 'I don’t want to hear another word,' Conte is said to have screamed. 'From you, of all people, I would never have expected such a thing. Bonuses … You’re a disappointment, a defeat from the moment you open your mouth. Just like all the rest of these half-wits. Juventus won the game 3–0 and set a new record for the most points and wins in a single Serie A season
Below is an analysis of his achievement as the coach of Chelsea Fc in less than a year in charge as seen on Wikipedia:
Start Date:
3 July 2016 - Present
Games: 43
Win: 34
Draw: 3
Loss: 6
Win Rate: 79.1%

Read More on Antonio Conte and Chelsea FC the Champions of the English Premier League for the Season 2016/2017 on Wikipedia. …..

This article which is referenced from Wikipedia

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A True Story: Only Put Your Money Where Your Work is.

Integrity and loyalty are among the most expensive principles walking the surface of the earth and for you to find it you must become one of integrity and loyalty yourself.
Here is a story of how the most expensive Principles of Integrity and Loyalty was used in making money out of people where this was the scarcest principles with the pre-dominant principles which  included: nepotism, corruption, intimidation,

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Start Now and Avoid Regrets Later

Remember Always:

          Life waits for no one
-       You only Live Once
-       We can grow and develop with time
-        Be patient and Grateful as to become fulfilled with true success, you must begin to build your wealth from within starting with your mind and thoughts.
Life is a one way trip, there is no second chances after the one you have is over. You have to make this one you have count.

How You can Make Your Life Count

To become self-reliant you must first seek knowledge. Without knowledge you might acquire material things and lack the in –depth understanding of what is most valuable in the pursuit of success and a fulfilling life which is knowledge which grows into wisdom.
Knowledge transforms into wisdom and wisdom originates only from God. Remember that everything which has come to behold the earth was created by God. God alone knows all and He alone can inspire thoughts to achieve the greatest heights of success.
The first step to making your life count is moving closer to God.

True success as explained by Napoleon Hill which I accept is that “Success is achieving your definite purpose, goals or dreams without violating the rights of others, for your success to bring a fulfilling lifestyle your progress should not bring pain, misery and hardship to anyone.
Chase your passions and focus on the positive. Dwell more on the good as your thoughts create your reality and with your mindset you attract the people, circumstances that harmonize with your thinking.
Staying positive and seeing the Good in everything doesn’t mean avoiding Negativity totally or it doesn’t mean you won’t have negative thoughts but it means that you will have negative thoughts and come across negative situations but your tenacity to hold on to the positive and avoid the negative affecting your focus is what being positive entails.

You have to stay positive regardless of any situation you find yourself and even when the odds are against you.

With positivity and time you can grow your mindset and re-wire your thoughts and brain to focus on what you feed it consciously and your body will respond allowing the universe to work with the laws of attraction  to bring your dreams to reality.
You can master the art of positivity and positive thinking through consistent self-suggestion (using words  and directing your mind towards that which will only uplift, inspire your mindset set and mood).

A positive mindset always sees challenges as motivation to build strength.

Learn how to fuel your mind with positive thoughts by  reading more on Why Mind Fuel is the Next Big Thing

Patience and having a heart of thanks is also one of the keys that unlocks the doors of your success and wealth. Only with Time can we grow. We cannot go faster than time, we can only proceed with time. Your understanding of this will allow you to begin to utilize time because in reality the time you have is now and Time waits for no one. Time is the most valuable and priceless resource we have. With Time  you can turn your dreams into reality. Work with Time, don’t be in a haste and evolve with time.

Develop good principles and never compromise them. Set a standard for yourself and control your mind by seeing that you have all it takes to succeed.  Remember than if you spend today complaining about yesterday, you cannot make tomorrow any better. Always stay optimistic with a mindset that is focused on progress. Time grows and for us to utilize the power of time, we must grow as well thus leaving the past behind and continuously moving forward and getting better.

David livingstione said “I will go anywhere provided it is forward”, this is a powerful statement that you can adapt and continuously re-affirm to yourself. Remember if you compromise your strength and power you lose your balance. Live your life unique and know that God can give us the answers to all our questions and with God comes that which is good and positive.
Stay unique, value life and time, cherish wisdom and knowledge, be kind and live great. That’s the secret to living a life with no regrets.


Friday, 5 May 2017

The Most Important Factor in Achieving Success and The Peak

To attain peak and effective performance you have to develop and progress with clear goals and focus which uses concentration and consistency . To become successful you must develop the ability of consistently pushing towards your goals and vision by doing something every day that moves you closer to your dreams and goals.

"When you Work with a persistent Mindset, you will succeed with consistent results and outcomes because you don't give up when you are tired but you rest and only move on when you are done".

“Persistence is the most important factor in achieving success and peak performance” – Basil Ada

 It is a known fact that practice makes perfect and you cannot become effective and efficient in any field you find yourself if you are not persistent, consistent and focused enough to achieve the height of success and mastery that makes you standout.

Desire is one thing but passion and persistence is everything and always remember that you cannot go far if you are not persistent enough to keep moving when the road gets tough as only a persistent mind can achieve peak performance in any field they find themselves.

Every warrior and successful individual is known for having  a mindset filled with persistence, focus, tenacity, positive thoughts and the ability to push with focus to break all boundaries and obstacles in front of them before coming in contact with victory.
remember the famous saying that "there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs". Thus the journey to success is one that needs strength and you can only develop strength when you are persistent to do all it takes to achieve the best.

Peak performance is the level of mastery that ensures that you become self-reliant and sufficient enough to achieve positive results – Basil Ada
Successful people realize that to match up their efforts and results, the attitude and work they put in must be adequate enough to take them to the Top.

At the level in which you are able to put in the required work and knowledge into motion then you are already halfway towards achieving peak performance.

A person that does not achieve peak performance in any field they find themselves cannot achieve the great heights of success in that field – Basil Ada

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

4 important Ingredients for Success: Preparation, Focus, Confidence and Persistence

It’s Only through Preparation that Confidence, focus with belief grows and the hope for Victory can be felt and then realized.

Every Great Accomplishment in Life started from the stage of Preparation and Planning with persistent efforts geared towards achieving success which Mastery, Confidence, Strength and Knowledge to Succeed is built from.