Thursday, 4 May 2017

4 important Ingredients for Success: Preparation, Focus, Confidence and Persistence

It’s Only through Preparation that Confidence, focus with belief grows and the hope for Victory can be felt and then realized.

Every Great Accomplishment in Life started from the stage of Preparation and Planning with persistent efforts geared towards achieving success which Mastery, Confidence, Strength and Knowledge to Succeed is built from.

Anyone who values Winning and Success knows that Preparing for the task ahead is the Key to unlocking the doors of opportunities, Success and Wealth.  As victory and success loves preparation. Remember that a mind that is not prepared for the task ahead will be bankrupt of opportunities because only when preparation meets opportunities does breakthrough occur.
Remember always that with preparation and planning you can set goals and setting Goals motivates you to take actions to accomplish Success.

Those who always win are the ones who think they can because the game is won in the mind first.
To be winner you have to develop a prepared, confident and persistent mindset and attitude which will allow you work towards your goals and dreams  with Focus, Persistence, Consistency and Pure Composure knowing that challenges will serve as motivation to build strength and that success is not a straight road and the only way for you to succeed is to keeping pushing regardless of temporary defeats and failures which you will encounter before arriving at your destination.

Using Thoughts and Words to cook Success
Your mind and thoughts rule your word because that is what you use every day to function and perceive what goes around within you as well as around you. Without your mind and thoughts you will become numb. The most important part of your success boils down to what you tell yourself, how you see yourself and how you carry yourself around will determine the taste and value of your success. The best recipe for success is a mind that constructively engages in the use of affirmations such as “I have what it takes to succeed”, I am Great, I am a Winner, With God I can achieve all things and many more which will put your mind consistently at ease and your subconscious will pick up this thoughts till they become part of you and control your actions towards that which brings out the best in you.

With preparation you will ensure victory.
With persistent you will keep going even after a fall.
With Confidence you will stand out amongst many.
With focus you will know your destination.
With knowledge you will have power.
With GOD you will succeed in all things.

Stay Positive and Build a Mindset of Persistence and Success through You thoughts knowing that Your Thoughts have the Power to make or break You. Talk to yourself more And spend some quiet time reading, studying and understanding yourself better. Take control of your mind and direct your attitude because no one is in charge of your reality but you.
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  1. Great content. Your dream and belief is all you need...