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A True Story: Only Put Your Money Where Your Work is.

Integrity and loyalty are among the most expensive principles walking the surface of the earth and for you to find it you must become one of integrity and loyalty yourself.
Here is a story of how the most expensive Principles of Integrity and Loyalty was used in making money out of people where this was the scarcest principles with the pre-dominant principles which  included: nepotism, corruption, intimidation,
a huge sense of lack of belonging and a high rate of unemployment with social vices. But this all changed with the coming of two new trends.
Discover how as you read more below:

 “Never Fall for a Get Rich Quick Scheme and a smooth talking politician as:  “they both come with temporary Gains and leave you in lasting Pains”- Sil

Financial freedom is a “must- have” in achieving success and wealth, but on the journey to get there, you will come in contact with different methods on how to make Money and become financially independent…
My  advice is “don’t let Money lead you to chase it only for short term benefits but always focus on the bigger picture, chase value, excellence and the money will follow you behind. That’s the secret to building long term wealth”.

The True Story:

How a Get- Rich Quick and Change Scheme broke Many Hearts.

 It was not long ago that my country was engraved in a deep money making machine opportunity that shows that you don’t have to work for your money but all you need is to provide help and you get interests back. To many, it was the perfect opportunity to make money without working at all. Why not, many thought after all the change economy was declining as the economy was going into recession too thus the people needed a way out.
This scheme was the sound of the street, it was the voice of the people, it was the hope of the people and it was a dream come true for many on the road to financial independence.
This scheme was paying and everyone was interested but not many realized that the scheme might have been a long term con.
But my first encounter with the idea, even after reading the history of the company and what it stands for on the internet got me thinking…. I saw that it was a business that was based on “trust, loyalty” and the “Integrity” of people paying and receiving money ((providing and getting help). That means the business  was strictly based on “providing help and getting help out of the honesty and integrity of the providers and the collectors”.  
Never give Your Trust and Integrity away so cheap - sil

This two principles for me “trust and “integrity” was rather very scarce principles in my country for a long time now even before this scheme was introduced. The politicians were not living up to the expectations of the people and you could not live a day without tales of, corruption, internet fraud and prejudice with a lot of nepotism, favoritism and injustice backed with a high rate of unemployment and economic decline.

The tricky part was that this company was not creating jobs but rather creating money flow without work…I was curious,  after hearing tales from childhood of stories about “No Work No Pay”…I thought hard about my decision with pressure to invest in and then I succumbed to my heart by holding back and observing from a far.
And so I let my curiosity wait to find out the outcome of my theories, instincts and believe me when I say “my curiosity was not a lie”….it was not a lie…

The Months passed and the system was up-to-date and then came December, the month everyone was going to need money. Without hesistation a lot of people will invest so that by the time the festive period was in full gear, they will cash out, some eagerly in anticipation of the new year, provided help to gain returns on the turn to a new year. Everyone was seriously investing to get a huge profit turnover during the festive season, imagine how many people went in….many I tell you.
 For me, I kept seeing that this scheme was not a business to venture into because there is a principle that If I don’t see the work involved in earning money, then I am not interested, it was as simple as that.

Many came to me asking me to join but I always was reluctant. The integrity and trust thing did not just add up for me at a time of economic decline and high rate of cyber crime, corruption and lots of ill vices in the country.
This scheme actually helped and saved a lot of lives, careers possibly and even allowed many to achieve financial freedom from the start…..but in the end it brought a gain but left with pains.

A scar is worst than a fresh wound that heals and fades way”

In summary, I pray everyone who lost regains their back hopefully if the system comes back but my candid advice is always put your money where you can feel and see your work turning into profits for you.

Think deeper because the answers to financial freedom and wealth with success lies within you.. it’s yours to win and loss. Money never discriminates..it accepts all hand who hold onto to it firm.
…choose your source wisely….

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