Friday, 5 May 2017

The Most Important Factor in Achieving Success and The Peak

To attain peak and effective performance you have to develop and progress with clear goals and focus which uses concentration and consistency . To become successful you must develop the ability of consistently pushing towards your goals and vision by doing something every day that moves you closer to your dreams and goals.

"When you Work with a persistent Mindset, you will succeed with consistent results and outcomes because you don't give up when you are tired but you rest and only move on when you are done".

“Persistence is the most important factor in achieving success and peak performance” – Basil Ada

 It is a known fact that practice makes perfect and you cannot become effective and efficient in any field you find yourself if you are not persistent, consistent and focused enough to achieve the height of success and mastery that makes you standout.

Desire is one thing but passion and persistence is everything and always remember that you cannot go far if you are not persistent enough to keep moving when the road gets tough as only a persistent mind can achieve peak performance in any field they find themselves.

Every warrior and successful individual is known for having  a mindset filled with persistence, focus, tenacity, positive thoughts and the ability to push with focus to break all boundaries and obstacles in front of them before coming in contact with victory.
remember the famous saying that "there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs". Thus the journey to success is one that needs strength and you can only develop strength when you are persistent to do all it takes to achieve the best.

Peak performance is the level of mastery that ensures that you become self-reliant and sufficient enough to achieve positive results – Basil Ada
Successful people realize that to match up their efforts and results, the attitude and work they put in must be adequate enough to take them to the Top.

At the level in which you are able to put in the required work and knowledge into motion then you are already halfway towards achieving peak performance.

A person that does not achieve peak performance in any field they find themselves cannot achieve the great heights of success in that field – Basil Ada

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