Friday, 19 May 2017

How to Become Successful with Persistence

“Persistence” (Means continuous efforts which accumulates to work done, hustle, grind, time, passion, actions that are put in towards achieving a goal, target or dream – Basil Ada
Michael Jordan said “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why is succeed”. 
Thomas Edison had to try 10,000 times before he found the great invention which was the electric bulb. After this great discovery he said, “I did not fail 10,000 times but I found 10,000 ways it won’t work”. 

The two men above are famous within their generation and will still be as their persistence and strong character made them standout and become relevant  and they all did it with a key mindset of Persistence” .

This one word “Persistence” will change your life if you apply it right with a positive mindset and thoughts.. There is a general fact I have come to confirm that with persistence you keep moving and gain momentum with each step you take forward. Remember the saying: “if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving and don’t stop”.  

There is a great deal of power which comes from being persistent but you can only harness this power through consistency of efforts, time, actions and habits created and applied towards  achieving a specific aim, goal or target.

 Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid FC in the 2016/2017 season at  30+, had incredible impact on the success of his team. Ronaldo is a player that at a very early age from his academy days to training sessions as a full time professional was the hardest worker who came early and left late. His work ethics and persistent attitude of trying at all times to improve himself made him the World best footballer on more than one occasion and in addition he has won all the major trophies within the largest football community in Europe.

The concept of persistence is one you must get acquainted to if you want to climb to the top of success. Without persistence you will not survive long enough to achieve your dreams. The world we live in works with energy and a persistent mindset attracts the rewards of continuity, consistency and progress through the work done. Game theory emphasizes also that you cannot take more than to bring to the game. In essence it is want you plant that you will harvest, thus if you plant seeds of greatness, you will harvest fruits of greatness.

Some Advantages of a Persistent Attitude and Mindset

-    A persistent attitude and mindset evolves your mind and fills your reality with possibilities, ideas, tenacity (which in simple terms implies: Tough Endurance Needed As Challenges Increasingly Test You), desire, positivity, consistency, character, strength, willpower and zeal to focus towards achieving a goal. Remember that persistence works with practice and practice makes perfect.
-          With a persistent attitude and mindset you can guarantee that your mindset and actions will always be aimed at  seeing the good in everything and working on possibilities which will ensure you keep moving towards your goals and target even when others get tired because you have made up your mind that you rest when tired but not quit until the goal is achieved.
-          Persistence helps you achieve success sooner than others will because you are always a step ahead as most people give up after a few trials.

The Good Thing about Persistence: Anyone Can Develop it and harness the power.

Persistence can  be developed and the power which comes from it such as consistency, courage, tenacity  with confidence can be harnessed by anyone through the use of the mind and thoughts.
Feed your mind with possibilities and your reality will reflect what you think because thoughts rule the world and you become what you think. Read more on how to use your thoughts to build a positive mindset and a winning attitude for Achieving Peak Performance

 Remember always that practice makes perfect and every master was once a beginner. Your ability to fix a thought in your mind allows you to have the machinery to build whatever you desire from a thought form before it manifests into reality which the universe helps us with through the law of attraction.  Persistence also allows you to continuously focus towards something until it is achieved.
You can become persistent at anything if you make up your mind and thoughts to keep pushing until your goal is achieved regardless of what happens along the way. Remember that practice makes perfect and you cannot become a master at anything without failing first because in reality as the saying goes “the Master has failed more times than the students have tried”.

Also Remember that it’s a Big World and the Bigger You Dream, the Bigger You will live in it….All it takes is just You.


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