Sunday, 7 May 2017

Start Now and Avoid Regrets Later

Remember Always:

          Life waits for no one
-       You only Live Once
-       We can grow and develop with time
-        Be patient and Grateful as to become fulfilled with true success, you must begin to build your wealth from within starting with your mind and thoughts.
Life is a one way trip, there is no second chances after the one you have is over. You have to make this one you have count.

How You can Make Your Life Count

To become self-reliant you must first seek knowledge. Without knowledge you might acquire material things and lack the in –depth understanding of what is most valuable in the pursuit of success and a fulfilling life which is knowledge which grows into wisdom.
Knowledge transforms into wisdom and wisdom originates only from God. Remember that everything which has come to behold the earth was created by God. God alone knows all and He alone can inspire thoughts to achieve the greatest heights of success.
The first step to making your life count is moving closer to God.

True success as explained by Napoleon Hill which I accept is that “Success is achieving your definite purpose, goals or dreams without violating the rights of others, for your success to bring a fulfilling lifestyle your progress should not bring pain, misery and hardship to anyone.
Chase your passions and focus on the positive. Dwell more on the good as your thoughts create your reality and with your mindset you attract the people, circumstances that harmonize with your thinking.
Staying positive and seeing the Good in everything doesn’t mean avoiding Negativity totally or it doesn’t mean you won’t have negative thoughts but it means that you will have negative thoughts and come across negative situations but your tenacity to hold on to the positive and avoid the negative affecting your focus is what being positive entails.

You have to stay positive regardless of any situation you find yourself and even when the odds are against you.

With positivity and time you can grow your mindset and re-wire your thoughts and brain to focus on what you feed it consciously and your body will respond allowing the universe to work with the laws of attraction  to bring your dreams to reality.
You can master the art of positivity and positive thinking through consistent self-suggestion (using words  and directing your mind towards that which will only uplift, inspire your mindset set and mood).

A positive mindset always sees challenges as motivation to build strength.

Learn how to fuel your mind with positive thoughts by  reading more on Why Mind Fuel is the Next Big Thing

Patience and having a heart of thanks is also one of the keys that unlocks the doors of your success and wealth. Only with Time can we grow. We cannot go faster than time, we can only proceed with time. Your understanding of this will allow you to begin to utilize time because in reality the time you have is now and Time waits for no one. Time is the most valuable and priceless resource we have. With Time  you can turn your dreams into reality. Work with Time, don’t be in a haste and evolve with time.

Develop good principles and never compromise them. Set a standard for yourself and control your mind by seeing that you have all it takes to succeed.  Remember than if you spend today complaining about yesterday, you cannot make tomorrow any better. Always stay optimistic with a mindset that is focused on progress. Time grows and for us to utilize the power of time, we must grow as well thus leaving the past behind and continuously moving forward and getting better.

David livingstione said “I will go anywhere provided it is forward”, this is a powerful statement that you can adapt and continuously re-affirm to yourself. Remember if you compromise your strength and power you lose your balance. Live your life unique and know that God can give us the answers to all our questions and with God comes that which is good and positive.
Stay unique, value life and time, cherish wisdom and knowledge, be kind and live great. That’s the secret to living a life with no regrets.


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