Wednesday, 28 June 2017

To Earn You Must First Learn.

Learning is the process you must undergo in your journey to success to be able to earn your success.
Remember that a person who successfully develops and directs the engines of the mind must possess; facts, patience, persistence, self-confidence, self control, self discipline, imagination, pleasing personality, tolerance, the ability of doing more than paid for to be able to harness the power of learning and propel to the top.

If you want to master any craft you must first learn the basics and fundamentals of that craft you are undertaking. Success requires following a path and not just a straight road thus, you must learn the basics and fundamentals which are needed to succeed. There are a lot of characteristics that are prerequisite to you advancing to the next level of success. A positive attitude and an optimistic behavior is needed for you to kick start your journey towards success. You must learn the art of being positive and remaining optimistic even in the face of challenges.

A positive attitude with confidence is everything, because from there, it’s a small step to winning. Always know that you can train yourself (mind and hands) to achieve anything you want just be consistent, diligent and keep at it till you succeed.
Knowledge has to be acquired and this is only made possible through reading, experience and learning. To earn you must first learn; to reap you must first plant.  You have to believe in the little beginnings because what shall become great must be started small.
 Hold firm to good principles and discipline your mind and thoughts to allow you grow and develop through constructive curiosity, learning and advise,.

Learning is the only process and activity that allows us to provide room for growth knowing that knowledge is infinite and no one person can have all the knowledge he or she desires. You have to seek knowledge and learn everyday just to get better and keep advancing till you achieve great success and leave a legacy. Be an inspiration and not a curse. You have all it takes to succeed and always know that practice makes perfect, never be discouraged if you don’t get it at the beginning  because many who have succeeded in life had to try over and over again just to get it right.

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