Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Becoming Successful Through Your Mindset

Always Remember that: “With a Positive attitude and  hard work anybody can do it”
To Motivate Yourself and Keep the Desire Burning until you achieve what you yearn for in Life follow and study the quotes in this article and remind yourself about them until they become part of you because to succeed you must be ready to learn before earning.

Success Quotes and Motivation for achieving financial independence and positive growth: 

- -make a living working on what gives you joy, that which you are passionate about and work all angles to accomplish that you wish and desire for.ng
- The turnover of money to generate more money always empowers a man.
- Sit, think and Act (the key to success).
- Always have a belief, a goal and purpose in life and living by it makes you alive.
-Imagine and use that imagination to paint a picture of what you desire and want.
- Every innovation starts with an imagination

- The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra.
- Work and work harder to achieve that which you pursue in life.
- Never get tired of writing down your dreams and the things you wish for and want to achieve
- Never procrastinate, make procrastination far from you and planning and actions be near you.
- Your best friend in life should be GOD
- The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
- The Bible is the ultimate book of treasures and map to living a better and fulfilled life.
- The key to success is belief.

- If you believe you can do it, then you will achieve all you desire for.
- Never let negativity cloud your thoughts, fill your thoughts with positivity and soon you will be embodied with success.
- Never underestimate your enemies’ greed and always be a step ahead of those who do not wish for your success
- Nobody owes you anything in life, always strive to survive on your own.
- Life teaches you through experience and you teach yourself through learning.
- A man with class is always respected more than a man with swag, as they say class is for men and swag is for boys.

- To excel always aim high so that if you fall you will land at a point which still gives you encouragement to succeed more and aim even higher.
- Women are companions for men and it is a man duty to “Wo” the woman.
- A woman falls for what she sees and hear about a Man but a man falls for what he sees in a woman.
- A man has a big heart but a woman has an understanding heart.
- Success means: Strong Understanding Charismatic Conscious Exceptional Skillful Strategies
- Everyone is a soldier of life and to beat the hurdles and win the war you have to possess SUCCESS
- Humility makes a person excel before their superiors but pride sinks a man quicker that anything in life.
- A friend is a person that will not judge you and will carry your burden as if it was theirs.
- Friendship is a bond that is greater than the government and Family is a bond that tells you where you are from.
- Experience can be acquired through either encounters or stories.
- Every story always ends with a moral lesson.
- Every individual is born with a unique trait.
- Discovery is the father of innovation and inventions.
- To become innovative you have to be inquisitive.
- People always judge a book by its cover but they forget that there is a wise saying that “Do not judge a book by its cover”

- In life we always get to see the Covers before even  reading a page of a person’s life.
- To become wise you must fear God and always wear the shield of humility.
-Loyalty makes you excel beyond words.
- A loyal person is worth more than Silver, Gold and Diamonds.
- The key ingredients to a successful life and business are: Love, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Hard work.
- To be hardworking involves but physical and mental strength.
- Luck exists in life.
- Life means: Luck In Future Experience
- In managing any event, a successful outcome is judged by both the technical response and the perceived competence of the management.
- Whilst bombs, fires and floods capture the headlines almost 90% of business-threatening, incidents are ‘quiet catastrophes’ which go unreported in the media
- In the end – it’s all about avoiding problems before they happen! (From Shaun Lockwood)
- Greatness requires enormous time and dedication
- Hard work, personal situation and many other factors influence a person’s ability to achieve success (Outliers).

- People don’t rise from nothing, “We do owe something to parentage and patronage.”
- Achievement is talent  plus preparation.” Preparation plays the biggest role
- Life is more about opportunity than it is about talent.
- The relationship between success and IQ works only up to a point.” You only have to be smart enough to succeed because success doesn’t discriminate as anyone can possess it.
- Get the world to see things your way.
- Do you have Practical Intelligence? Knowing what to say, knowing whom to say it to,
Knowing when to say it and knowing how to say it
- No one who can rise before dawn  360 days a year fails to make his family rich.”
- Great yield requires detailed attention

         Russian Proverb:  “If God does not bring it the earth will not give it.” 
         Chinese Proverbs: 
        “If man works hard, the land will not be lazy.”
        “No food without blood and sweat.”
        “Don’t depend on heaven for food, but on your own two hands carrying the load.” 

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