Saturday, 8 July 2017

The A to Z of Success (Part 1)

The Alphabets of Success 
    A-     Attitude: Attitude defines your character and showcases your personality because in the end it is your attitude towards your goals, dreams, passion and ambition that defines where you will be

   B-      Belief: without having faith you cannot achieve that which is not yet seen, with success you have to take a leap of faith and have belief both in yourself and in your talent to be able to achieve that which just hoped for and not yet achieved

    C-      Character & Confidence:  Your character is the bedrock that builds up and protects your talent which requires confidence in other to attain its full maturity and potential

     D-     Discipline: Discipline entails keeping to your principles and character even when you don’t feel comfortable. With discipline you can carry out tasks and take steps that move you closer to your goals. Discipline allows you to plan effectively and execute them with greater efficiency

    E-      Energy: without power you cannot have strength and without strength you cannot the energy needed to move towards your goals and achieve success. Success requires energy and Tenacity to keep moving until the goal is achieved.

    F-      Faith: hoping and wishing for that which is yet to come or happen makes you optimistic and success is not an easy journey and for the faint hearted. It requires an optimistic and faithful mindset that is determined to see through the challenges and obstacles to accomplish success.

    G-     Guts: No Guts No Glory as You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. Success is about risk and taking calculated risks requires guts and a fearless mindset.

    H-     Humility: humility is the shield that covers you from the pride of success and allows you to show empathy and multiply your success allowing others to benefit from your growth. In the absence of humility is pride which makes you inhabit the spirit of “I know and Have all Mentality and Attitude”. This attitude has never taken any successful individual far as pride comes before a fall.
I    I - Integrity: Your integrity is your logo and badge which differentiates you from others as it will speak volumes when it comes to people rating you life principles and attitude towards your goals and others. With integrity you are almost guaranteed of total truth in carrying out plans, executing goals and associating with others.

     J-       Justice: using reasoning ahead of emotions in pursuit of your dreams, goals, relationships and success will bridge the gap between you and success as to become successful you must develop a habit of always having a personality of equity which is free from nepotism and prejudice. Justice allows you to be blind to emotions while being open to reasoning in all circumstances regardless of whom and what is involved.

     K-      Knowledge: knowledge is power and without knowledge you cannot achieve any worthwhile success. The source of all knowledge is GOD and the fear of GOD is the beginning of Wisdom. For all who have achieved greatness regardless of the field they find themselves, they have at a point attributed their breakthrough to a higher power and force which they cannot see.

      L-       Life: “Live In Full Experience” because you only get to Live Once and if you do it well and good enough, Once is more than enough.

M-   Mind: Your Mind is the most powerful too on earth because it is the medium through which thoughts are generated and stored as Thoughts Rule the World because everything that we have come to admire which is manmade began in a thought form and a mind had to conceive the ideas and thoughts. Your reality is determined by your mindset thus, it is important to focus on developing a positive, optimistic, hardworking and passionate mindset which is goal driven, humble, loyal and principled.


  1. That's very true bro.I awaits the part 2.

    1. Part 2 in works Boss...Glad You like Part 1...Success Lies in our hands and thoughts as we can create the reality we desire if we discover how to...#trillionairethoughts