Monday, 7 August 2017

How to Find Success Through Consistency and Reasoning

An important question to ask yourself is “how do I maximize my return on energy and the efforts and countless attention I give getting a result and achieve a goal. Leaders in every field deliberately apply their talent and energies where they can achieve their greatest return on the amount of energy; mental, emotional and physical that they invest in any endeavor.

Fr. Raji Ada said “For you to find success and lead you must be able to make and take decisions based on reasoning and not emotions. In essence using emotions when making decisions and taking calculative risks instead of reasoning deprives you of the clarity and unbiased eye you have to use when taking decisions in life.

Leaders don’t take on jobs or work in areas where they cannot perform at exceptional levels. They treat themselves as valuable resources and spend their energies very carefully.

     Some of the questions you might continually ask yourself:
    (a) Is this the best possible use of my time and energy
  (b) Is what am doing right now the most valuable thing I could be doing given any particular combination of talents and abilities?
   Always remember to do what you love, Marsha Sinetar said “Do what you love, the money will follow”.
    Always commit to excellence with the decision to become very good and then to become excellent at what you do because self-confidence comes from positive knowing rather than positive thinking.
     Always have an attitude of assurance and certainty about yourself and this will make you standout in any place you find yourself allowing you to wear self-confidence, self-reliance and a pleasing personality.

     Excellence is learn-able and anyone can develop and harness the power of excellence, thus all you  have to do is  believe in yourself and work hard to succeed. Always have a positive self-image and  high self esteem to succeed. Greater success is the result of countless hours maybe even months and  years of preparation and hard work towards the goal of becoming very good at what you are doing.
    Life is like a balance sheet, with both credit and debit sides which in turn reflects as progress and setbacks, positive and negative.
     Every time you do something positive to enhance your abilities and to improve your life, you get a credit on the credit side of your life balance sheet and ledger. Each time you waste your time, energy or neglect to take advantage of an opportunity to learn and grow, you get a debit on the debit side of your life ledger.
      The key is knowing that “everything counts”.
      Everything that you do or fail to do, counts in some way as nothing is neutral.
      Everything is either moving you towards a better life or moving you away from it.
      A successful, happy, self confident person is an individual who has consciously and deliberately built up a lot of credits on his or her life balance sheet using the positive to outweigh the negative as efforts and hard work outweighs idleness and laziness.
     The only thing that counts in moving towards success is your action, it seems that every positive and constructive action that you engage in adds up and increases your momentum and level of self confidence and self esteem.
     The law of Incremental Improvement: this law states that “ a person becomes good at his or her chosen field by improving incrementally, continuously over a period of time.
      Every action you take in life compounds either positive or negative and over a period of time reflects as your reality thus if you engage in taking continuous and consistent efforts towards your goal in a positive way then your life compounds and multiplies over the days, weeks months and years.
      Albert Einstein said “Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe”. For Thomas Edison to discover the electric bulb he had to compound his efforts trying continuously for over 10,000 trials before finally getting the result he needed. The concept of compounding and success works better when you chase a goal, target or dream continuously with pure consistency and confidence without losing momentum as you move towards your dream. Always recognize the right patterns in situations before making decisions to attain high level of success, accomplishment and efficiency in any given field you find yourself. 

    Also in looking for success you must value knowledge and utilize it with experience to become successful.

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