Monday, 23 October 2017

Rules for Success from Jay-Z (Decoded)

#1 Hustle
“Without the work, the magic won’t come.”      

#2 Don’t Wait Until You Have Everything You Need
Great things must be started when they are small and difficult things must be done while they are still easy.

#3 People Help People who Help Themselves
Without working for something no one will see your passion and lend a helping hand, only when you work towards something that you will attract the people who conform to your ideas and you will be surprised by how much help you will get.

#4 Carry a Notebook with You
Documentation will empower your mind because what is not written down can be easily forgotten.

#5 Don’t Run Your Mouth
Speak less, listen more and talk with composure and confidence because the loudest one is the weakest one an empty can makes more noise than cans with substance.

#6 Skills are Transferrable
You can learn any skill you desire to, only if you practice and work towards becoming good at it as practice makes perfect and repetition is the father of learning.

#7 Know How to Handle Rejection
Never say Never and if you fall 10 times get back up 10 times plus one because in truth no one ever tasted success without disappointment and you have to fail to succeed. Always use challenges as motivation to build strength.

#8 Make a Plan
You cannot find success without a plan as when opportunity meets planning and preparation, breakthrough is bound to happen.

#9 Don’t Take Your Eyes off the Prize
Keep your focus on your vision and goals, never take your focus off your target as what you focus on becomes your point of attraction.

#10 Dream Enormous
“You can be whoever you want to become if only you Dream it, Believe it and Live it” – (Basil)
I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”(Jay-Z, from “Can I live”)

#11 Art and Business Can (and Should) Co-Exist
Financial freedom is a stepping stone to achieving peak performance and confidence and with different source of income you can achieve great heights

#12 Demand Respect

“Either love me or leave me alone.”

#13 Accept Help from Mentors

Model the lives of those who are already where you want to be. learn, try, fail and work towards creating your own persona learning only from the best

#14 Ignore Trends

Don’t follow trends they fade as quick as they come.

#15 Start a Blog

Be social and increase your fan base by putting out valuable content to your audience

#16 Entrepreneurship Empowers You to Change the World

With the mindset of being an entrepreneur you are at an advantage to explore new opportunities and seek constant improvement and value creation this in turn can enable to reach out more and make a change.

#17 Have an “Empire State of Mind”

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” – Jay-Z : Diamonds from sierra Leon
Dream Big dreams and work damn hard to achieve them all because you have all it takes.

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