Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Discover the Power The Brings Success


Every Successful person on earth must give in to a power and force. Many who have become truly successful in life not just in acquiring assets and wealth but Fame tagged with a revolutionary effect have all acknowledged GOD and pursuing that which shows the good in life as the source of TRUE LIVING.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


This story talks about a selected group of friends who decided to seek the kingdom of God and find his presence in them after several research about the many evidence of the power and greatness of GOD and the MIND recorded overtime in pages of the Holy Bible and other religious as well as inspirational books. 
This group of friends and entrepreneurs were men and women who decided to operate and act on a code of conduct and using the evidence of the Power of God and the mind, searched for Success in life through only GOD and self belief by living by the word and principles of success to gain the fruit of the spirit and achieved wealth by evolving as pace setters living Life with God as the head and ruler of their mind where they found and tapped into the well of wisdom and infinite intelligence, they became masters at finding intelligent attitudes.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

How to Build A Confident Style: A GQ Preview

STYLE is expressing yourself with confidence and glamour while maintaining a level of calmness and composure. Everyone has their own unique STYLE but there is one STYLE most people associate with which is STYLE with SUCCESS.

It's the Actions you take towards Achieving Your Goals that determines the Rate of Your Achievement Because in Truth You cannot take more than You Bring To the Game..

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How to Achieve Positive Growth and Success

Your Mind is the Most Powerful tool on Earth and what you feed it determines what you see in your reality.You can only be as Good as Your Mind is because a Mind and Heart that focuses on the Positive will reap Positivity knowing that Positive Thoughts brings Positive Vibes and Positive Vibes results into a reality filled with Joy and Positive results...Don't Believe in Fear but Believe in Yourself and Know that You can be as Great as You let Your Mind Think

How to Achieve Positive Growth: 
In addition the Consistency of your Efforts and Focus towards your goals determines the quality of your success. Don't let distractions and challenges make you take your Focus and Eyes off Your Goals and Passion..The strength of Your Success Lies in the Power of Your will and Actions to Push towards Your Dreams..Develop Focus knowing that when you pray for a rainbow.. you have to be ready to deal with the storm..

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Power that brings Success

The Power behind your pursuit, visions, and dreams in life is what is going to fuel your hard work to make you successful.

Every Successful person on earth must give in to a power and force. Many who have become truly successful in life not just in acquiring assets and wealth but Fame tagged with a revolutionary effect have all acknowledged GOD and pursuing that which shows the good in life as the source of TRUE LIVING.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

How Knowledge Can Empower a Country (America Vs Nigeria)

Information is power as we all have come to realize and knowledge plays an important role in enabling an individual and a society as a whole develop a mindset that most of his/her actions and judgment (decisions) are informed based on the knowledge which includes facts and experiences. 

Always Remember that:
 "Not knowing your roots denies you of the privilege of knowing who you are,when you can't identify your potentials, you will have talent but no Success....Only through knowledge can you become aware of your value, potential and Success rate...To achieve success you must have information that builds into knowledge and the information you feed your mind and your society determines how your reality will look like" - trillionairethoughts

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Build Success and Achieve Greatness

-     Maintaining a balance in life and living a life of success and stability entails you develop a positive and fearless mindset, also that you have a stable business and cash flow source that always yields returns and generate revenue. One of the major factor to achieving success is to consistently maintain a positive mindset which helps you evolve into a better thinker and more creative individual. Don't worry about the End When You begin Your Journey to Success..Only Focus on working and Keep Going Till You Succeed using Challenges which will come as MOTIVATION to build STRENGTH because in Truth..Only You can Stop You...You become limitless when you believe In yourself ...Growth to success is only attained through persistence and consistency of Efforts, Principles, Values, Confidence...Let Your Mind Work For You by Feeding it with only Positive Thoughts and Vibes...Don't put yourself down but be your own Inspiration and build confidence and don't stop Working...Just Learn only to rest and pick up again on the race to the Top...You are as Great as You Let Your Mind Think....The World is Yours To Conquer..Go be the Best in Your Own Style..

Monday, 26 March 2018


Business is the ultimate profession in life and the right and profitable one will ensure that you will be employed for a very long time if you keep your capital and profit rate at a balance both in business and your life also. A human resource to me is the greatest asset that a business can possess (an irony right?), thus for a person to be alive it means more revenue and more profits due to different possibilities because the asset doesn’t depreciate but appreciates by 365days annually.
A great man once said: friendship is stronger than the government and it is almost equal to family.