Thursday, 29 March 2018

How Knowledge Can Empower a Country (America Vs Nigeria)

Information is power as we all have come to realize and knowledge plays an important role in enabling an individual and a society as a whole develop a mindset that most of his/her actions and judgment (decisions) are informed based on the knowledge which includes facts and experiences. 

Always Remember that:
 "Not knowing your roots denies you of the privilege of knowing who you are,when you can't identify your potentials, you will have talent but no Success....Only through knowledge can you become aware of your value, potential and Success rate...To achieve success you must have information that builds into knowledge and the information you feed your mind and your society determines how your reality will look like" - trillionairethoughts

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Build Success and Achieve Greatness

-     Maintaining a balance in life and living a life of success and stability entails you develop a positive and fearless mindset, also that you have a stable business and cash flow source that always yields returns and generate revenue. One of the major factor to achieving success is to consistently maintain a positive mindset which helps you evolve into a better thinker and more creative individual. Don't worry about the End When You begin Your Journey to Success..Only Focus on working and Keep Going Till You Succeed using Challenges which will come as MOTIVATION to build STRENGTH because in Truth..Only You can Stop You...You become limitless when you believe In yourself ...Growth to success is only attained through persistence and consistency of Efforts, Principles, Values, Confidence...Let Your Mind Work For You by Feeding it with only Positive Thoughts and Vibes...Don't put yourself down but be your own Inspiration and build confidence and don't stop Working...Just Learn only to rest and pick up again on the race to the Top...You are as Great as You Let Your Mind Think....The World is Yours To Conquer..Go be the Best in Your Own Style..

Monday, 26 March 2018


Business is the ultimate profession in life and the right and profitable one will ensure that you will be employed for a very long time if you keep your capital and profit rate at a balance both in business and your life also. A human resource to me is the greatest asset that a business can possess (an irony right?), thus for a person to be alive it means more revenue and more profits due to different possibilities because the asset doesn’t depreciate but appreciates by 365days annually.
A great man once said: friendship is stronger than the government and it is almost equal to family.