Sunday, 29 April 2018

How to Build A Confident Style: A GQ Preview

STYLE is expressing yourself with confidence and glamour while maintaining a level of calmness and composure. Everyone has their own unique STYLE but there is one STYLE most people associate with which is STYLE with SUCCESS.

It's the Actions you take towards Achieving Your Goals that determines the Rate of Your Achievement Because in Truth You cannot take more than You Bring To the Game..

A confident STYLE is built through a confident Mindset that is focused on creating value and taking bold steps towards expressing originality, hard work, persistence, dedication and faith. 
SUCCESS Begins with Work, Hustle, Grind and Actions that can move you Closer to Your Dreams.. Without the Hardwork You Can't Have the Reward..know this and keep this in your mind always as a reminder that only hardwork can make the dream work. Stop Worrying about it and Do Something About it.. No one is Better than You and No one Can Be You.. All You Need is already in You.. Never Say Never.. Work Until Expensive becomes Cheap and Hustle Like You Broke.. The way To the Top is Through Hardwork and Persistence... Never Give up.. 
Remember always that: when You Chase Excellence and Creating Value Success will pursue you and find you. Know that

Being Unique is what is going to make you Standout amongst the rest...Your Greatness Lies in being YOU because in Truth there are things which You are good at that no one else can beat you at...Discover what You are passionate about and don't compete or compare yourself to other but Rather focus on being a better..Unique and more attractive You...Love Yours and Create Your Success Story from Being You.

Reassure yourself today by knowing that you can evolve your own style no matter what stage it might be right now to the highest standard because in truth:

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  1. Without action you can't move forward...this is really cool..

  2. this is very inspiring.