Wednesday, 8 August 2018


This story talks about a selected group of friends who decided to seek the kingdom of God and find his presence in them after several research about the many evidence of the power and greatness of GOD and the MIND recorded overtime in pages of the Holy Bible and other religious as well as inspirational books. 
This group of friends and entrepreneurs were men and women who decided to operate and act on a code of conduct and using the evidence of the Power of God and the mind, searched for Success in life through only GOD and self belief by living by the word and principles of success to gain the fruit of the spirit and achieved wealth by evolving as pace setters living Life with God as the head and ruler of their mind where they found and tapped into the well of wisdom and infinite intelligence, they became masters at finding intelligent attitudes.
A Boss Player is a God-Fearing Leader, Thinker, Builder and Money Maker.
it was just about 6:30pm and the clouds began to gather as it was evident throughout the day that rain was coming. just by the river bank, Resort Comfortable looked seemingly bright as the lighting of the entrance was as beautiful as the Taj, with its serene nature and very strict entrance policy, this location was not just for anyone. 
Walking into the meeting all looking sharp and decent a group of seven entrepreneurs sat around together and began sharing pleasantries before the start of a meeting.
The meeting was in style, in a very classic and quality ball room with a conference table and a group of Masters at Finding Intelligent Attitudes with very exotic cars parked in a very green landscaped parking lot. They listened to Hip Hop, Gospel, RnB, Rap, Reggae but they still loved God always searching for him from within. In the background of the entire meeting, there was a series of songs being played both which included Bob Marley and Fela. 

They redefined the game to fit their life with good morals and principles on a journey to wealth that will cause no harm to humanity but rather bring joy and peace. They came with thoughts of not being just players but game changers. They avoided becoming slaves to society rather chose to be Kings with GOD.
“Days, weeks, months, years and time changes but Principles should never change”- Basil Ada

For them they were gods amongst gods and had to act accordingly to get the blessings of God. It was only right to them that life was to be enjoyed by all.
Success to this group of fine individuals meant “achieving your goal without violating the rights of others” and on this they all agreed upon and with this anything that would bring harm to another person in the process of achieving their goal was to be avoided completely.
Reflecting about how the journey to success started in the streets, these fine individuals brought together through different life circumstances with a unique story to tell talked about how the secret of living by the word is the Treasure of Life and they agreed it should be given out to the people in a better way for them to taste the life and see the goodness of God. As entrepreneurs they had a big role to play and using all the platforms that was available, they would spread their word.
They reveal their secret code of conduct..............with the words below:

In a very charming tone, the Boss player himself began to address his team
Nature only gives life to what is in use as lack of consistency depreciates the quality of success. Practise makes perfect and obedience glorifies your attitude and loyalty distinguishes a man, the Boss players thought and held firm as part of their principles..........

The words from the good book proclaims in: Proverbs 10:22 “The blessings of the LORD, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it”
It was easy to read and yet complex to comprehend if one did not seek wisdom and knowledge to understand what this verse meant. Then another verse comes to mind which explained that: “Therefore take no thought, saying what shall we eat? Or, what shall we drink? Or wherewithal shall we be clothed?  For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6.31-33)
Thus what was left for us to do was to “Go into Life with God and all our burdens will be lightened and we will develop our thoughts through positive thinking and knowing,

If there is one thing a Man knows when he comes of age is the Power of the Word of God as over time we are continuously reminded of the strength and wisdom in the Word of God through the Bible and other religious books and happenings around us.
Another bible verse came in mind which said: “for the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”- Proverbs 9:10
Looking at all these verses, for an ambitious man, it meant something,:
He could begin to see that if history had recorded so much of the power, triumph and victories of the Word of God regardless of your belief, then you cannot enjoy outstanding success in life without Power and Power comes from knowledge as the saying obviously goes that “Knowledge is Power”. But Knowledge comes from Wisdom and Wisdom according to what he had seen came only from GOD. In the existence of the human race, it is a known fact that everyone struggles for survival either to live or maintain wealth. It is almost impossible for a person to live without having the thought of riches and what wealth can do in their life as well many have searched for this and some have gotten it legitimately while others had to sell their soul and conscience to get it. With this also exists Good and Evil which played different roles in the quest for the treasures and pleasures of life. Everyone wanted that which spells out success in life. 
The Boss player concluded with ambition filled in his heart, he asked his team to stand up and they all pledged to keep on with the pursuit of  wealth without sorrow for they all knew that was what true success and blessings was.
True Success is “achieving his goal without violating the rights of other people”. True success with love, truth, dignity, class, style and quality is Top and the most authentic form of success which only comes from God.
Till this present day there has been no person on earth that has surpassed the wisdom of King Solomon, who is a Man God Blessed, they all acknowledged with facts to back the statement as over time history also recorded men who were truly blessed by God. Ask Yourself: What will you do for wealth? This is a question that must come to mind for everyone on the journey to wealth and the good life.
 It is also well known to people that they exist two kinds of wealth in Life, one through Good and the other through other means...
It is a known fact that what is of God is progress, unmerited grace, wealth and all which is Good.
For from God you can add an “o” and get Good. For what is of God is seen as being Positive.
But with the Devil comes subtraction and decrease, for if you remove the “d” you get Evil.
Human beings over so many years and decades have all being known to acknowledge the existence of Good and Evil, but yet many neglect the importance of the mathematics of life where Addition and Subtraction carry synonyms to Increase and Decrease.
He thought for a man to live with increase rather than decrease for one to conquer he must go through all stages and conditions to be able to determine for himself as to what was truly desired.
For a man who seeks progress in life I  Pledge to Good with Increase from God for I know that there shall be times of challenges and with the Grace of God and being Under the Protection of the Most High, I shall continue to use challenges as motivation to build strength.
Evil may exist because we live in a world of Good and Evil but when the sunrises the Light shall always overcome the darkness.
Proverbs 10.v22 highlights a critical point in the life of a growing generation who seek for wisdom or just lust. You have to search within you and discover your unique self.
Obedience and patience are key characteristics a person must possess in pursuit of happiness and success in life.
 If a person accepts that life comes with challenges and patience with obedience comes with strength to overcome challenges then you have got the secret to living a life of wealth.

 “Different culture but One People.All we have is us, love and loyalty above all” – Bossplayer
“when you Love and stay Loyal, you seek to Appreciate rather than hate and destroy regardless of your culture”- Bossplayer

To be Continued.............