Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Discover the Power The Brings Success


Every Successful person on earth must give in to a power and force. Many who have become truly successful in life not just in acquiring assets and wealth but Fame tagged with a revolutionary effect have all acknowledged GOD and pursuing that which shows the good in life as the source of TRUE LIVING.

The main purpose in life is to influence and enlighten. People are driven because of influence but not many are driven because of the impact their influence will have on the world. What kind of Influence do you want to have on yourself and the world????
The strength of your success is as great as the strength of your source. The greater your source the greater your success. if you know this then you are a step closer to unleashing the power within you

If your source is from the GREATEST GOD then imagine what your impact on the world will be.
Never in my Generation did I see a man’s impact on earth as the one illustrated by the Life of “Billy Graham” (check him out if you don’t know him, still check him out even as you know him and remind yourself of the kind of life he illustrated and lived and still living on through his Name and Character…the only two (2) things we get and leave back in LIFE).

The Power behind your pursuit, visions, and dreams in life is what is going to fuel your hard work to make you successful.
Wealth lies in the Legacy you keep behind when you are gone because no one is getting out of earth alive.

But a better place is awaiting those who believe in the GOOD of LIFE.
Create and start building your legacy today because your reality is in your hands to create.
 keep these principles in mind always to succeed; Faith, Consistency, Persistence, Hard work, Faith in God, Faith in Your Ability, Faith in Your Strength and Faith in Your Passion as if you chase your passion and what gives your heart joy then success will pursue you always.

Remember Always that:
The Cheapest Commodity on earth is Dreams...But the Most Expensive Commodity on Earth that even 1trillion Dollars can't buy is the ZEAL to Follow Through with Your Dreams...What drives You??...Is it God...Passion...Legacy...Money..or some other thing in Life...QUESTION Your Motives and then know that the ultimate Source is GOD...Live everyday to spread love and create a lasting Legacy...We are all Born Equals...You can be as Great as You let Your Mind think...GOD gave us that..Follow Your Passion and the Wealth will come knocking on Your Door...


  1. This is powerful and the truth....You cant get much in life without GOD #trutinz

  2. #real talk. Everybody can dream but not everyone has what it takes to actualize their dreams. We all wanna be successful but nobody wants to pay the price.

  3. Kudos.. A great piece of writing

  4. We all have what it takes..Dont limit yourself at all....

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